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UPDATE: I recompiled and made a new 0.9.178 and this seems to fix it the false positive.



It seems after the last Defender Update, Windows 10 thinks that ComicRackSetup09178.exe contains a Virus.

This is a false positive.

This is still the same file I uploaded last month. You can check the file with the following links.


or throw the file into


I hope Microsoft fixes this issue.


After finally getting my hands on a computer with an Ultra HD display (a MacBook Pro 13 with a Retina Display), I have updated ComicRack with correct handling of high density resolutions. As this is a lot of work with a lot of try and error (basically you've to go through all the User Interfaces and fix/adapt it manually), there may be still some things I've missed or are not optimal. Just head over to the user forum and report such instances.

After the spam attack last week I had to close the Wiki for any editing.

It is now open again and even better than before. You can now edit pages without registering. You have to login (and create an account) if you want to create new pages.

Hopefully the new anti bot protection works as intended.

Head over and contribute :)

After the recent hiccups introduced by the comicvine database transitioning to a new location, cbanack has releases a new and updated version of his incredible Comic Vine plugin for ComicRack.

You can get the new build at the usual location.

And don't forget to support his continuing work on this essential plugin for ComicRack.


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