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CRA works fine with Marshmallow.

There are just a few things you've to look out if you want to use the syncing feature together with ComicRack for Windows.

First make sure that you've selected a writable folder for your comics on your device. Either keep the one ComicRack selected for you or use the Home-Button in the Main Comic Folder Preferences to select a folder on a different device storage (external SD-Card).

For Wifi-Sync you're all set now.

If you want to use syncing via USB, you've to make sure that your device is visible to Windows in MTP mode. Connect your phone, tap on the usb connection notification and make sure Transfer Files (MTP) is selected. If everything is fine, you should also be able to browse your phone's memory with Windows Explorer.
Optionally If you've put your comic folder on the secondary SD-Card you can also remove the card from the phone and put it into an SD-Card reader to sync it.

If there are any problems or questions, just head over to the User Forum.

The Wiki is now also fully operational.

But because of the new system you have to register an account manually in the wiki if you want to edit it. Accounts are no longer automatically transferred from the main site to the wiki.

Now, like the they used to say in the old movies, "If you build it, they will come" :)

After six years finally a new site for ComicRack.

The new site is responsive, meaning it is much easier to use on your mobile phone. I've moved all the important features over to the new site, including user accounts, user forum and the wiki. User forum should work, including all the old attachments. Wiki is operational, but new user registration is currently not possible.

Because I used a snapshot from Monday, all posts and new user registrations in the last 4 days are missing. Sorry for this. I was also unable to bring the old download manager into the new decade, so for now there is just a very simply and stripped down download page.

This is just the first version, I will continue to update the site and refine the design a little.

If you encounter any bugs or problems, please post the in the user forum.

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