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ComicRack for Windows 0.9.177 released

This is a maintenance release.

Main changes are solving a possible issue when syncing with USB devices and some other small fixes.
Additionally there are some enhancements for the group list.

As always,



  • Upped .NET version to 4.5
  • Added background saving of cache index. Should help with lost cache items when ComicRack crashes
  • Extended search depth to find connected USB devices
  • Added column header to group list
  • Added group size to group list
  • Double click on group header list splitter closes the list


  • Fixed some spelling errors
  • Multiple Comics Dialog showed custom fields in tab mode even if turned off
  • Fixed spinner positions when switching between panel/tab style in dialogs
  • Fixed mousewheel scrolling in browser in some cases
  • Fixed possible failure to create first thumbnails immediately after startup of application

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