ComicRack 0.9.178 released


After finally getting my hands on a computer with an Ultra HD display (a MacBook Pro 13 with a Retina Display), I have updated ComicRack with correct handling of high density resolutions. As this is a lot of work with a lot of try and error (basically you've to go through all the User Interfaces and fix/adapt it manually), there may be still some things I've missed or are not optimal. Just head over to the user forum and report such instances.

 Also this does not mean, that all scripts magically correctly scale and display on such displays. Python scripts which show dialogs also have to be adapted. I fixed the ones coming with ComicRack out of the box, so they show how it is done.

If you run ComicRack on a "regular" display everything should stay the same.


List of changes for Build 0.9.178: