(Image: http://media3.picsearch.com/is?0ml-SkIo0XhvNClClbFTXUdDUjHXlqtcB79nS5gx_wI&height=192)It was always dark and all the projections of the constellations were awesome. The professor had a relaxing voice and would talk about really basic stuff about our solar system. He even use the lasers which were used for laser light shows on the weekends in there.

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This is personal preference mostly but has some truth behind it. (Don't finance for more than 4 years or you'll risk remaining upside down throughout most of your loan period). I know newer cars are going for a lot but needs change, problem cars can be sold, and not having an upside down loan can be a lifesaver in bad situations..

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I was happy with my fitting and I can not fucking wait to get my clubs. I ordering direct from the manufacturer so I going to have to wait for a little bit. I actually modded my own clubs based off of the specs I got during my fitting (got them bent upright, added lead tape, plus the fitter bent my putter and adjusted my driver loft) and I definitely noticed a big difference in performance with my current set.


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