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Line 22: Line 22:
   ComicRack.App.GetLibraryBooks()   ComicRack.App.GetLibraryBooks()
   ​   ​
-Returns the collection of all [[developer:​api#​books|books]]in the library.+Returns the collection of all [[developer:​api#​books|books]] in the library.
 This can be useful e.g. to search for similar versions, years or series titles when doing things with the selected books. ​ This can be useful e.g. to search for similar versions, years or series titles when doing things with the selected books. ​
-  ComicRack.App.AddNewBook(showDialog)+  ComicRack.App.AddNewBook(bool showDialog)
   ​   ​
-Command to add new [[developer:​api#​book|books]] to the library.+Command to add new fileless ​[[developer:​api#​book|books]] to the library. If showDialog is True the info dialog is show. Returns the new fileless book.
   ComicRack.App.RemoveBook(book)   ComicRack.App.RemoveBook(book)
Line 41: Line 41:
 Returns a bitmap with the full page image of the specified [[developer:​api#​book|book]] and page (pages start with 0).  ​ Returns a bitmap with the full page image of the specified [[developer:​api#​book|book]] and page (pages start with 0).  ​
 +  ComicRack.App.GetComicThumbnail(book,​ page)
 +  ​
 +Returns a bitmap of the Comic thumbnail. Book is a [[developer:​api#​book|book]] object and page is a integer.
Line 52: Line 56:
 ==Textual properties== ==Textual properties==
- +  book.AgeRating 
-  book.Series+String - The age rating field 
 +  book.AlternateNumber
 String String
-  book.Number+  book.AlternateSeries
 String String
-  book.Title+  book.Characters 
 +String - The characters field. The string is formated with commas separating different characters. 
 +  book.Colorist
 String String
-  book.AlternateSeries+  book.CoverArtist
 String String
-  book.AlternateNumber+  book.Editor
 String String
-  book.Publisher+  book.Genre
 String String
   book.Imprint   book.Imprint
-  book.Writer 
-  book.Penciller 
 String String
   book.Inker   book.Inker
-  book.Colorist 
-  book.Editor 
 String String
   book.Letterer   book.Letterer
 String String
-  book.CoverArtist+  book.Notes
 String String
-  book.Summary+  book.Number
 String String
-  book.Notes+  book.Penciller
 String String
-  book.Genre+  book.Publisher
 String String
-  book.Web+  book.Series 
 +  book.Summary
 String String
   book.Tags   book.Tags
Line 93: Line 94:
   book.Teams   book.Teams
 String String
-  book.Chareacters+  book.Title 
 +  book.Web 
 +  book.Writer
 String String
 ==Count properties== ==Count properties==
- +  book.AlternateCount 
-Number+Number ​- Returns -1 when field is blank.
   book.Year   book.Year
 Number Number
Line 105: Line 110:
   book.Volume   book.Volume
 Number Number
-  book.AlternateCount+  book.Rating
 Number Number
-  book.Rating 
-  ​ 
 ==Read only properties== ==Read only properties==
 +  book.AddedTimeAsText 
 +String - The time the book was added to the library in the format: dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss AM/PM 
 +  book.AlternateCaption 
 +String - Seems to return the alternate series or title. 
 +  book.AlternateCountAsText 
 +String - Returns the Alternate Count as a string. 
 +  book.ArtistInfo 
 +String - Returns the artists in the format: Writer\Penciller\Inker\Colorist\Letterer\Cover Artist 
 +  book.BlackAndWhiteAsText 
 +String - The black and white field as a string. 
 +  book.BookmarkCount 
 +Number - The number of bookmarks. 
 +  book.BookmarkCountAsText 
 +String - The number of bookmarks as a string. 
 +  book.Caption 
 +String - The caption of the book. 
 +  book.CaptionWithoutFormat 
 +String - The caption of the book. 
 +  book.CaptionWithoutTitle 
 +String - The caption of the book without the title. 
 +  book.ShadowNumber 
 +String - Proposed Number
   book.ShadowSeries   book.ShadowSeries
 String - Proposed series. String - Proposed series.
 +  book.ShadowVolume
 +Integer - Proposed volume.
   book.ShadowYear   book.ShadowYear
 Number - Proposed year. Number - Proposed year.
-  book.ShadowVolume +  book.ReadPercentage 
-String ​Proposed volume.+Integer ​Percentage of the book that has been read.
-==Other properties== 
 +==Other properties==
 +  book.AddedTime
 +System.DateTime - The time the book was added to the library. Can be modified.
 +  book.ReleasedTime
 +System.DateTime - The time was in the store. Can be modified.
 +  book.BlackAndWhite
 +cYo.Projects.ComicRack.Engine.YesNo - The black and white field. Valid are YesNo.Yes, YesNo.No and YesNo.Unknown
 +  book.ColorAdjustment
 +cYo.Common.Drawing.BitmapAdjustment - Used to adjust the color.
   book.FilePath   book.FilePath
 The file path for a book. If it is NULL, then the book is '​fileless'​. The file path for a book. If it is NULL, then the book is '​fileless'​.
 +  book.PageCount
 +The number of pages in the book.
 +  book.SeriesComplete
 +cYo.Projects.ComicRack.Engine.YesNo - The Series Complete field. Valid are YesNo.Yes, YesNo.No and YesNo.Unknown
-=== Methods === 
 +=== Pages ===
 +A collection of book.page objects
 +=== Page ===
 +  book.Pages[#​]
 +The pages, by number (#) in the book
 +  book.Pages[#​].PageType
 +String value representing the type of page referenced by number. ​ Valid values includes are FrontCover, InnerCover, Roundup, Story, Advertisement,​ Editorial, Letters, Preview, BackCover, Other, Deleted
 +=== Methods ===
 +  book.ClearBookmarks()
 +Deletes all the bookmarks in the book.
 +  book.SetCustomValue(key,​value)
 +Stores a custom value in the book with the unique key. You can hide the value from the user be putting a '​.'​ into the key like '​MyScript.MyValue'​. Such values will not be displayed in the user interface (except when turned on with //​ShowCustomScriptValues = true// in ComicRack.ini
 +  book.DeleteCustomValue(key)
 +Deletes a custom value from the book
 +  book.GetCustomValue(key)
 +Returns a previously stored custom value.
 +  book.GetCustomValues()
 +Returns a list of all custom values stored in the book. The result is a list of objects with two properties: Key and Value
 +  book.Clone()
 +Returns a copy of the current book. Does not add it to the library.