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   book.ShadowYear   book.ShadowYear
 Number - Proposed year. Number - Proposed year.
 +  book.ReadPercentage
 +Integer - Percentage of the book that has been read.
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   book.FilePath   book.FilePath
 The file path for a book. If it is NULL, then the book is '​fileless'​. The file path for a book. If it is NULL, then the book is '​fileless'​.
-  ​boook.PageCount+  ​book.PageCount
 The number of pages in the book. The number of pages in the book.
 +  book.SeriesComplete
 +cYo.Projects.ComicRack.Engine.YesNo - The Series Complete field. Valid are YesNo.Yes, YesNo.No and YesNo.Unknown
 +=== Pages ===
 +A collection of book.page objects
 +=== Page ===
 +  book.Pages[#​]
 +The pages, by number (#) in the book
 +  book.Pages[#​].PageType
 +String value representing the type of page referenced by number. ​ Valid values includes are FrontCover, InnerCover, Roundup, Story, Advertisement,​ Editorial, Letters, Preview, BackCover, Other, Deleted
 === Methods === === Methods ===