Paste Comics Data Dialog

The Paste Comics Data feature allow the user to manually transfer the metadata from one ecomic to another, without needing to import the data anew. Examples include replacing comics with those of better quality, or those with additional pages.

For example, here are two ecomics; the original, and a new one with the complete pages.

To add the data to the new comic, right-click on the original and select “Copy Data”:

Then right-click the new comic and select “Paste Data”:

This will open the Paste Data dialog box. There are three options; All, which will add a check to every data item, Only Set, which only select those items that actually have data, and Clear, which will uncheck all data and allow you to only select those items you wish.

Select OK, and all selected data will be added to the new ecomic.

Note that the data can be added to as many issues as are selected. This feature will not transfer bookmarks.