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Comic Display Settings Dialog

This option will allow the user to edit the background display of the Comic Reader, as well as choose between display options for the displayed ecomic itself. There are three ways to open this dialog: In the Main Menu, under Display:

…in The {I'll fix this when I get answer to it's name in forum}, by choosing the Tool icon:

…and by selecting F9. Any of these will open the dialog box:

Realistic Comic Display

By selecting this, a shadow effect will be added to the comic, reproducing the appearance that occurs in an actual comic when it is opened.

Without Realistic Comic Display:

With Realistic Comic Display:

Leave Margins Around The Pages

With this option you can have a border around the comic in the reader.

Without Margins:

With Margins:

Effects: Page Transition

There are five options:

No Page Transition Effect. This will turn the page without any animations.

New Page Fades In. This will turn the page with a fading transition.

New Page Scrolls In Horizontally. The page will slide onto the reader in a sideways motion.

New Page Scrolls In Vertically. The page will slide onto the reader from the bottom to the top.

Page Turn Effect. This is an animated motion that simulates turning a page from a real comic by hand.

Effects: Paper

This will add an effect, such as a texture, over the ecomic itself.

Default: This displays the ecomic, as is.

Checkered: This adds a blue-lined grid pattern over the ecomic.

White Papers 1, 2, 3: These add textures over the ecomic, simulating such things as weathering or grain to the page.