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The Library Browser

The Library Browser is the section of ComicRack that allows the user to interact with archived ecomics. Archiving ecomics gives the user the advantage of storing metadata, creating simple and smartlists, and creating folders to store these lists. You can create lists for specific tasks, like running importers on those files that haven't yet been tagged, or lists for only particular characters or publishers. The library browser gives you an interface for these and more.

The Library Browser Toolbar


Favorites is the first icon, the golden star.

New Folder Creator

The second icon will create a new library folder. Note that this folder is not a folder that exists outside of ComicRack and on your computer; it exists only within ComicRack and serves the purpose of collecting your lists.

Simple List Creator

Third from the left, this icon will create a simple list in the folder of your choosing. A simple list has no rules, and ecomics must be manually added. A list of this type can be used to add random comics that couldn't be filtered through any rules using a smart list, and you can sort by sequence of addition, through the Position arrangement.

Smartlist Creator

Third from of right, this icon will create a smartlist in the folder of your choosing. Smartlists allow the user to filter comics through rules. The Smartlist is one of the strongest features of ComicRack, and more can be learned in the article Creating custom Smartlists