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 ====== Multiple Comics Dialog ====== ====== Multiple Comics Dialog ======
-This is stub for this help topicPlease help expanding ​this wiki by editing this page+This feature helps you find any duplicate issues that you may have accumulated over time. There are number of data values needed ​for comics to be matched; most importantly,​ Series Name, Issue Number and Volume. Note that "​Superman #1" and "​Superman V1 #1" would not match, nor would "​Superman V1 #1" and "​Superman V2 #1". 
 +To use this feature, select View in the Comic Browser and select Show Duplicates:​ 
 +After a slight delay (dependent on the total number of issues in the library, folder or list that this feature is run against), all applicable duplicates will display, allowing the user to make any changes or deletions desired