The Pages Display

Reordering Pages

You can reorder pages by simply clicking and dragging them to where you want them to be. A black line shows where it will be reinserted.

Toggling Pages Types

To change the page type of a comic page simply right-click on a pages or a selection of pages. Go to the Page Type option and click on the option that best fits.

You can also use keyboard shortcuts to set page types:

  • Front Cover: Alt-Shift-A
  • Inner Cover: Alt-Shift-B
  • Round Up: Alt-Shift-C
  • Story: Alt-Shift-D (Default page type)
  • Advertisement: Alt-Shift-E
  • Editorial: Alt-Shift-F
  • Letters: Alt-Shift-G
  • Preview: Alt-Shift-H
  • Back Cover: Alt-Shift-I
  • Other: Alt-Shift-J
  • Deleted: Alt-Shift-K

Page Filter

The Page Filter menu can be used to toggle types of pages on and off. These changes also apply to any other comics as well as the reader view. For example you can un-check the Advertisement setting and you will never see a page marked as Advertisement as you're reading a comic.

Deleting Pages

To delete a page select a page or group of pages, right-click on them and choose the Mark as Deleted button. Alternatively you can press the Del button on the keyboard or choose deleted under the Page Type menu.

This only marks the pages as deleted, it does not actually remove the page(s) from the comic file. To remove the page(s) from the file you must export the comic with Deleted selected under Remove Pages in the export menu. See Exporting eComics for more information.

Exporting Pages

You can export page(s) as a single image file(s). To do so select the pages you wish to export, now go to Edit→Export Page (if you cannot see the edit menu press Alt on the keyboard to show it), choose where you want the pictures to be saved to and click OK.

An alternate way to export pages is to simply to drag the pages to a location on your computer from the pages view.