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 ====== Pending Tasks Dialog ====== ====== Pending Tasks Dialog ======
 +{{ images:​pending_tasks.png?​350}}
 +Pending Tasks is a Dialog showing currently processed assignments in ComicRack, for example [[gui:​export_comic_dialog|Exporting eComics]] or retrieving WebComics from Internet.
-This is a stub for this help topicPlease help expanding this wiki by editing this page.+To open the Dialog go to //File// in //Main Menu// and select //Pending Tasks...// ([[keyboard map|Ctrl+Shift+T]]).
 +Dialog contains list of Tasks and its corresponding States. Tasks are queued with currently running ones on top and waiting below.
 +Under the list number of pending Tasks is shown.
 +You can abort all or individual Tasks with respective drop-down button. //OK// hides the Dialog.
 +Note that if there are any pending Tasks then proper animated icon in Status Bar is shown. ​