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-====== The Comic Preview ======+====== The Comic Preview ====== ​ 
 +{{ images:​small_preview.jpg}} 
 +Comic Preview is a small panel docked at the bottom of [[Library Browser]] or [[Folder Browser]] showing pages of currently selected eComic in [[Comic Browser|Browser]].
-This is a stub for this help topic. Please help expanding this wiki by editing this page.+To show / hide Preview click on its docking grip or choose //Small Preview// from //Main Menu// --> //Browse// ([[keyboard map|Shift+F7]])
 +Notice you can resize Preview panel by dragging the grip with a mouse.
 +You can navigate through pages in the Preview by using buttons: //Next//, //​Previous//,​ //First// and //​Last//​. ​
 +You can toggle //Single Page// and //Two Page// display. ​
 +There is also button to //Refresh// Page and //Close// the Preview.