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Managing eComics

ComicRack has an integrated library to catalog all your eComics. It helps you to keep track which eComics you've already read or which have been recently added.

You can create your own reading lists or create Smartlists to automatically collect eComics that match certain criteria.

Working with Smart Lists

Creating Export Presets

ComicRack has many options to export eComics. Included are presets for CBZ, CB7 and PSP. However you can also create your own presets for easy repetition of specific export settings.

To create a preset first open the Export eComics settings menu by right-clicking on an eComic and choosing Export eComics→Export eComics.. (or the keyboard combination Ctrl+Shift+E)

Now set any settings you want your preset to have. After you get the settings to your liking, click the Add button and give your preset a name.

The preset will now show up in the right-click→Export eComics menu.