Setting A Full Screen Interface

This article will help you configure a full screen interface, with no other objects on the screen. This will also be helpful if you are having any trouble removing any items.

By default and until the user manually changes any options, ComicRack has the following interface:

To take ComicRack from a windowed format to full screen, you can…

Double-click the cursor in the Reader area…
In {}, select Full Screen under the Tool icon…
In the Main Menu, under Display, select Full Screen…
Select F11.

Interface Options

Minimal User Interface: Selected
Fit Mode: Fit Width with Only Fit If Oversized
Page Display: Single Pages

Comic Display Settings

Realistic Comic Display: Selected
Page Transition: New Page Fades In
Paper: Default
Background: Solid Color, with the color selection of White Smoke

Preferences: Reader Setup

Visible Part Page Overlay: Selected

Preferences: Behavior

Reading: Fullscreen Also Toggles Minimal User Interface: Unselected
Browser: Always Display Browser Docking Grip: Selected

Suggested Setup

Please note that this is only an example, and may not apply to all users. You may like some of the features that are not used here, and may not like those used. This is only to help you understand some steps you can take to get you displaying a clean full screen interface with no distractions.

Set Fit Mode to Fit Height, and unselect Only Fit If Oversized. Set Page Display to Two Pages (Adaptive). In Comic Display Settings, uncheck Realistic Comic Display, and set Solid Color to Black. Then unselect Always Display Browser Docking Grip under Preferences: Behavior. This will leave you with the interface looking like this…

Additionally, if you wish to have no other items presented in the reader area when reading, in Preferences: Reader Setup: Overlays, unselect all options, and only the comic will display.