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Creating custom Smartlists

Smartlist are one of the most useful features of ComicRack. They consist of rules the user can define in order to create dynamic, self-updating lists of comics.

To create a new smartlist click the create new smartlist button (blue).

You will be asked to name your new smartlist. It is best to name it something descriptive.

Now right-click on the smartlist and choose edit. A window will pop up with the smartlist options.

Single Rules

Right now this smartlist contains one rule that will search for anywhere in “All” the comic’s data that “contains” “New Smart List”. You can change “New Smart List” to anything you like. For example say you want to find any comics that have X-Men in its data. You could change “New Smart List” to “X-Men” and click OK and the smartlist would display any comics with X-Men in its data.

The “!” button finds the opposite of what you specify. To continue the X-Men example, if you set the “!” button, the smartlist would display any comics that do not contain X-Men.

If you only want to search for a phrase in a certain field, you can change “All” to something else. For example if you wanted to find all the Batman titles you could set the search to be: “Series” “contains” “Batman”

You can also change the second option. For example if you want to find an exact word or phrase you could change the option from “contains” to “is”.

Multiple Rules

The power of smartlist is that you can specify multiple rules that the smartlist has to follow. You can set the smartlist to match All or Any of the rules.

If you specify “Match All” then all the rules would have to be true for a comic in order for it to be displayed.

If you specify “Match Any” then if any one rule is true for a comic it will be displayed.

Click the “+” button next to a rule to add a new rule to the smartlist.

Click the “-“ button to delete a rule.

Rule Groups

To create complicated and very specific rules, you can create rules groups.

Click the “..” button to add a rule group. With each group you can specify to follow all or any of the rules in the group.

For example lets says you want to find Detective Comics 327-342 and Batman 164-174. You could use groups looking something like this: