Using Plugins

ComicRack has an amazingly useful scripting engine, allowing script developers to create programs that extend the functionality of the program.

Installing Plugins

ComicRack includes a script manager to simplify installing and removing scripts. Plugins can be found in the Script Forum or in the Downloads section. They are usually distrubited as a '.crplugin' file that can be opened direcly in ComicRack or through the plugin manager (see below), and will install the corresponding plugin, requesting you to restart for the installation to be complete.

Alternatively, some plugins are distributed as '.zip' files. In this cases, follow these instructions. To install a script in '.zip' format:

  1. Download the zip file
  2. Open ComicRack
  3. Open the Script manager by going to Edit→Preferences (or Ctrl + F9)
  4. Go to the Scripts Tab
  5. Click the Install button and browse to the downloaded zip file
  6. Restart ComicRack and the script will be installed and available to use

Removing Plugins

Removing a script is as easy as installing it.

  1. Open the Script Manager
  2. Select the script you want to remove from the list of install Script Packages
  3. Click the Remove Button
  4. Restart ComicRack
  5. Done!
  • ComicVine Scraper
    Downloads eComic information from the Comic Vine online database.
  • Organize Library Files & Folders 2.0 (as of 3/20/17 this plugin is no where to be found)
    uses meta data to rename book file names and create a structured folder system
  • Weekly Comic Release
    grabs an specific RSS feed which list comic books to be published in the coming week
  • New Comics Toolbox (as of 3/20/17 this plugin is no where to be found)
    a collection of useful tools to manage newly added comics