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-9a3Txz ​ <a href="​http://​wepepppdzsha.com/">​wepepppdzsha</​a>[url=http://​bokuhznfsika.com/​]bokuhznfsika[/​url][link=http://​iovvkcwerewe.com/​]iovvkcwerewe[/​link]http://viujggjhzvex.com/+====== Using Plugins ====== 
 +ComicRack has an amazingly useful scripting engine, allowing script developers to create programs that extend the functionality of the program. 
 +===== Installing Plugins ===== 
 +ComicRack includes ​script manager to simplify installing and removing scripts. Plugins can be found in the Script Forum or in the Downloads section. They are usually distrubited as a '​.crplugin'​ file that can be opened direcly in ComicRack or through the plugin manager (see below)and will install the corresponding plugin, requesting you to restart for the installation to be complete. 
 +Alternativelysome plugins are distributed as '.zip' files. In this casesfollow these instructions. To install a script in '​.zip'​ format: 
 +  - Download the zip file 
 +  - Open ComicRack 
 +  - Open the Script manager by going to Edit->​Preferences (or Ctrl + F9) 
 +  - Go to the Scripts Tab 
 +  - Click the Install button and browse to the downloaded zip file 
 +  - Restart ComicRack and the script will be installed and available to use 
 +===== Removing Plugins ===== 
 +Removing a script is as easy as installing it. 
 +  - Open the Script Manager 
 +  - Select the script you want to remove from the list of install Script Packages 
 +  - Click the Remove Button 
 +  - Restart ComicRack 
 +  - Done! 
 +===== List of Current Popular Plugins ===== 
 +  * ComicVine Scraper\\ Downloads eComic information from the Comic Vine online database. 
 +  * Organize Library Files & Folders 2.0 (as of 3/20/17 this plugin is no where to be found) \\ uses meta data to rename book file names and create a structured folder system 
 +  * Weekly Comic Release \\ grabs an specific RSS feed which list comic books to be published in the coming week 
 +  * New Comics Toolbox (as of 3/20/17 this plugin is no where to be found) \\ a collection of useful tools to manage newly added comics