During my tenure, the commission solely voted once. It beneficial that we be requested to supply to resign and we receive a dignified no-fault and without legal responsibility exit from the commission by compensation for fee for the remainder of term of office. No cracks appeared between and throughout the members and employees of the fee. This was certainly tough time for the commission, together with the staff. One should never sacrifice the independence of the workplace of election commissioner for anything, together with so called promise of political protection. Depending on the circumstances, one can turn into a superb role mannequin and a hero or a villain or a victim or all at completely different phases of the electoral cycle. They are often unforgiving, vindictive, hateful and blood thirsty. A former Election Chief will be a good knowledgeable defender of the EMB and converse some issues that can not be stated by the incumbent election chief. The top of the EMB might be held politically responsible when there's blame to be apportioned in the occasion of any disputed electoral contest. It is sort of certain that after an election there will probably be those that will likely be unhappy with the election outcomes. There could also be occasions when the strain turns into an excessive amount of and you could require assist from those that know or can perceive what you are going through. It's only one other election chief like you or professionals in that field who can empathize and perceive the challenges you face when dealing with tough stakeholders like politicians.

It will be like whistling in the wind when dealing with this type. Electoral Commissioners have develop into endangered species dealing with harmful species. One of the benefits of serving as Election Chief is that you've got a front row seat to the political theatre and drama that is associated with the elections. It could also be a prudent thing due to this fact for one to affix the EMB not at his prime age however nearer to retirement age so that he ends it on the EMB. Whether an election chief wishes to be ready to talk directly to political leaders or not is sometimes a person choice but in different situations the character of the society by which one is operating might dictate otherwise. The mediators were joined by U.S and U.Ok envoys and different sectors of the society. Managing elections in a polarized society is more about managing suspicion, dishonesty and mistrust among and between the competitors. In close election contests in a tribal or a polarized society, the EMB and its chief will grow to be an object of scorn and hate by the supporters of the loosing candidate. Conversely, managing elections in close contests, particularly in tough political environment or extremely polarized societies makes the job of the election chief even tougher.

Being an election chief is an honour and privilege allowing one to serve his nation in a high-profile place. We had made our level that one could not just push out Independent office holders by means of further authorized means. If after leaving office, the Election Chief is appointed to another position in the general public service, these out to discredit him can declare it was a reward for being partisan to the appointing authority while in office and elevate objections. One is a newsmaker and public persona by advantage of the workplace. In such a scenario, one will soon realise that public service is neither public nor a service but public humiliation and trial. The protest trade has develop into their fishing ground and instituting public interest litigation that has political ends has develop into a method to an end. On electoral issues, the role of the Electoral Commissioner as voter educator mustn't stop however continue by opinion pieces (opeds) in newspapers, commentaries and public boards. One will get a superb understanding of the politics of the nation and get clarity on many points and separate the reality from the lies and hypocrisy of the political class. Political exercise is then disguised as activism or social good.

The non-public sector alliance and religious leaders then got here in to mediate. Then in July 2016, a joint parliamentary select committee was established to deal with the disaster. There will probably be intense scrutiny of the conduct of the Elections Chief by these looking for to discredit the EMB or its head. That there's energy in unity for the EMB can't be gainsaid. The place there is a petition filed in a superior court difficult the election consequence and the pinnacle of the EMB is joined as a co -defendant, the defence technique employed by the EMB and the pinnacle is necessary. For the reason that lawyer will likely be speaking for you in court docket, you have to ensure he does not bring his personal bias into your defence. The conduct of elections in a transparent and accountable manner, and the acceptance of the elections results as a reflection of the will of the people enhances the extent of confidence in the EMB. In Africa, Ghana, Nigeria and Zambia provide optimistic examples of Election loss by opposition or by an incumbent, especially for presidential elections, the place the EMB or its head did not undergo major political backlash, blame and witch hunt.

In Africa, if an incumbent retains power in an election, it is way easier to promote the theory that the elections was stolen or rigged than that it was free and honest. It is necessary to face up to intimidation so as to guard the independence of the office and communicate truth to energy. We have been also firm in our resolve that we is not going to succumb to intimidation and threats of avenue protests to just accept misconduct we weren't guilty of. The government was adamant that it will suppress the protests. The way in which the top of the EMB discharges his office with out concern or favour, will form the way the EMB is seen as being unbiased or not; impartial or not. Conversely one may be denied such appointment as punishment for being seen too independent by these in authority. The police additionally used pressure to disperse them and in a single incident no less than 6 of the protesters have been killed.

For that reason and in an effort to mitigate the scenario, it may turn out to be necessary for the election chief to be able to contact and be contacted by the major political actors, especially in a presidential election. Those searching for renewal could be punished for his or her independence or be accused of enjoying safe in an effort to appease the re-appointing authority and this impacts on the independence of the office holder and the perceptions thereto. This scrutiny violates the privacy rights of the individual past the limits anticipated from the office holder. Politicians, if unchecked, can sadly flip the office of election chief into a poisoned chalice, and the EMB as a graveyard of careers and popularity. It can be fulfilling, prestigious and satisfying and at the same time or different instances it could turn out to be demanding, lonely and thankless. As a rule, the EMB and its head ought to use the identical lawyer in defending them and us bank home mortgage tax statement the head of the EMB ought to intently monitor the work of the lawyer.