external frame Linda Ikeji is my favourite Nigerian blogger by far. Reading this story, I could but adore her the extra. Linda blogs on www.lindaikeji.blogspot.com. People today should quit attempting to run other people down. The media small business is not evil, it only reports what it sees.(Image: https://alexis.lindaikejisblog.com/photos/shares/5a0174a39b267.jpg) Large cheers to Linda for this piece! Television host Toke Makinwa doesn’t believe I’m a part model. Ghen ghen, fight involving Linda Ikeji and Toke Makinwa. Lol. However I don’t definitely know who she is…never met her…only noticed her Flytime interviews. Preferred radio and Tv presenter Toke Makinwa has aired her thoughts about well known blogger and former model Linda Ikeji stating she ‘doesn’t feel Linda Ikeji is a function model’.

Small recognized Makinwa who works as a radio presenter on well known urban radio station Rhythm 93.7 dropped her comments on air when she was co-anchoring ‘The Morning Drive’ not too long ago. I do not think Linda Ikeji is a role model. She’s a gossiper, She sells gossip’, Makinwa said on the show and even appealed to her listeners not to take the likes of well-liked US blogger Perez Hilton and Miss Ikeji seriously. Effectively, she’s entitled to her opinion. I have nothing against that statement…I have an understanding of exactly where she’s coming from. Some of the posts hurt people, some help individuals. It is the media, it is the job I chose.

Like every single other job, it has its positive aspects and disadvantageous. You win some, you shed some. I get it. I accept it. It is instances like this I just about forget who I am…but then I don't forget where I’m coming from and I smile. Let me tell you guys a story. It was early 2000, I was 19 years old, in my second year at the University of Lagos. I’d been a model for about a year and a half then. Modeling back then didn’t pay a lot. Occasionally you eat, occasionally you can’t find meals. At times you had revenue, often you will have to beg for it. I’m not from a rich residence. I started struggling because I was 17 to support my family.

So I kinda tough a difficult life growing up but I kept working, undertaking all sorts of modeling jobs, ushering, fashion shows, and at one particular point I sold beer at a hotel. I’d leave lectures, go to a hotel and sell beer from 1pm till 10pm. I did this for a handful of months. It wasn’t easy but I had to survive. One particular of the points I mentioned to myself back then was, the day I sell my body to a man for dollars, may God strike me dead. I was determined to make it on my personal, never ever let any man take my dignity. In those days, most young girls had an aristo…I was in no way one of those girls.

I would rather starve or beg for food than give my physique to a man for cash. So back to my story. It was early 2000, I hadn’t performed any modeling jobs in a bit. I didn’t have any money in college, hadn’t ate a right meal in days, there was no cash at home…my sister called and asked if I could send funds home…didn’t have any. I wondered what to do…then I believed of this aristo who had been chasing me for months now…old man…married…rich…in his fifties. I stated to myself, why don’t you get in touch with him and beg him for cash. Inform a lie, say you require it to go to the hospital ‘cos you’re sick or something that desperate.

Which was what I did. What he stated to me was ‘you know I like you. I do not know why you are behaving like a youngster. You have to have a person to take care of you blah blah blah’. Ultimately he mentioned I should meet him at a hotel. I will never neglect that hotel…Ambassadors hotel in Ikoyi. I was apprehensive about going but I was desperate…I mentioned to myself what’s the worse that can take place? I was accomplished eating, he produced his move. I shoved him off. He kept attempting and I kept pushing him away and right after a even though he got angry and stated some thing like, why did you come here then? Are you a child?

He was angry that I produced him spend for a hotel room, spent funds on meals and so forth and not give him what he wanted. So he got up to leave…and I told him I didn’t have any cash to go back to college. If appears could kill, I would have died in that moment he turned to appear at me. He left the hotel area, and I followed him. I kept begging and attempting to explain to him that I didn’t have transport to go back, he didn’t say a word to me as he entered his car and drove off. I stood in front of the hotel questioning how I was going to get back to college. All I had on me was N15. Online Information GATHERINGDeath or personal injury brought on by LIS’s negligenceWhen the application appears click on it and adhere to the directions to set up itFor any indirect, specific or consequential loss or

N15 wasn’t going to take me from Ikoyi to Akoka. In my plans, I under no circumstances imagined that I wasn’t going to at least get a couple of thousands from him. I’d observed this guy before…he was a friend’s boss. Anyway, after standing in front of the hotel for a couple of minutes, I went back in and saw a young man at the front desk. I explained my situation to him…he was sort adequate to give me N100 and that was the dollars that took me half way dwelling. By the time I got to Yaba, I’d run out of cash, so I trekked from Yaba bus quit to UNILAG Akoka. And that is the way I lived.

Determined to make it in life. On my personal terms. As my personal woman. I kept struggling and struggling till God ultimately blessed me. Now I have extra funds than I even know what to do with it. I make millions of naira from what I adore doing…blogging. The finest portion of all this is that I would weblog for cost-free.(Image: https://alexis.lindaikejisblog.com/photos/shares/59ca96b8810fd.jpg) Now I do not chase cash anymore…it chases me. It is not even just about the income, it’s the excellent mates I’ve met by means of this weblog, the excellent people today I interact with right here, the freebies I get. How a great deal of a significant deal I am to some people.

How some persons see me in individual and scream with excitement and want to take photos with me. Often I pinch myself…I practically can not think this is my life. When in a though I feel of that 19 year old girl who trekked for miles to college since she would not sell her physique and I say to her, we produced it, Linda, we made it! So perhaps I’m not a function model in terms of what I do, but I know I’m absolutely a part model as a young woman. To all the young girls out there, if you’re reading this, you can make it on your own.

You don’t will need to spread your legs for guys, you do not need these old married men who just take your glory. You’re powerful, you’re gorgeous, there’s nothing at all you can’t achieve on your own. God has offered you one thing no one particular else has. Find what it is and construct yourself. Don’t worry about what other girls about you have. Dignity is far far more precious than a range rover. Make it in life on your own terms and as your personal woman, so that you can appear back a single day and be proud of who you had been and who you are. I want just about every a single properly in their journey.

Let’s see what to do about this in the coming months. Family members - Linda was born into a Catholic family of seven young children, six girls and a single boy, of which she is the second child. Talk about a youngster who cares a lot about her loved ones, then you are speaking about Linda. Except for the elder sister who is married and living in the USA, Linda had acquired vehicles for all the members of the household such as the youngest brother. If this is how every single female kid is, parents would prefer to have female kids rather than male. Linda is a blessing to her loved ones.

Following Linda, the subsequent in command in the family members in terms of recognition is Laura Ikeji - a lovable trouble maker. Linda Ikeji Images - Linda is very photogenic and I like her pictures which is one particular of the reasons I take a look at her Instagram page often. As an ex model, she knows a single or two factors about posing for camera, although her critic constantly have a single or two damaging issues to say about her images. But a single point I don’t assume most people today are comfy about in her photographs (me inclusive) is that Linda generally snap her photos on the very same spot/background.

That has rendered most of her shots very monotonous and somewhat uninteresting to a lot of. Get in here to view some of her pictures on Instagram. Linda Ikeji Style — Costly fashion is Linda’s factor and she spends handsomely on varieties of style accessories. Last time she went to Dubai for buying, she reportedly spent about N20 million for style and accessories, cash that can invest in future for some men and women. Fendi, plus numerous other incredibly high-priced style accessories. Enjoy Life - It was reported that she dated CoolFM presenter, Dan Foster some years back. That was the last we ever heard of Linda and a man, maybe she is good at maintaining it secret for the reason that Linda is just also attractive to be left alone by men. Final time she was planked on reside Radio, she did revealed that she has some quantity of guys on the line that she is considering.

No matter whether she had settled for one is not yet known but we’ll surely update this short article whenever we have the info. Awards - There is no greater awards than the one particular you have in the bank.(Image: https://alexis.lindaikejisblog.com/photos/shares/5a083f616586c.jpg) I’m confident you’d agree with me on this - and Linda definitely have these awards aplenty. Further to this, she has won some awards with her weblog for her part in promoting new media in Nigeria. Scandals - Linda is reasonably no cost of critical scandals apart from accusations here and there from people today who thinks her gossips is destroying their lives, careers, and marriages.

Last year, she was accused of double regular when she failed to report the crisis in the marriage of Tiwa Savage who is identified to be her buddy. Linda Ikeji in the News — She has been profiled on BBC Africa - final year she was invited to London for an interview with BBC reporter, Nkem Ifejika. Her Future Plans - I know about two of her future plans, in all probability the ones closest to her heart. To get started a Television plan, maybe a talk show, and to get married, get banged and have little ones. Other plans are secondary as far as I know.

Linda Ikeji has apologized to all her true fans over the rant about Hermes Birkin bags on Instagram. The apology is especially made to her accurate fans for the reason that the rant was a comprehensive slap on their face, a slap on the faces of people today like me who have defended her on several occasion in a topic like this. To make up for the blunder she committed, Linda has promised to take some of her fans along with her loved ones and friends to a luxury trip in Dubai. The date is but to be announced but hopefully quickly. The package incorporates all expenditures paid trip and buying money as effectively as receiving to meet your heroine up close and individual. Let me apologize to the correct Linda Ikeji fans who may have been disappointed by my rant the other day!