external site Africa's most famous news and gossip writers Linda Ikeji is on the move to take on Facebook with her personal social network, which she says gotten more than 50,000 sign-ups on the initial day. Linda Ikeji, a former model says her social network, LIS (Linda Ikeji Social) has something other folks lack: a one-cease shop for every little thing on line. Just six days in, the network has 86,000 followers. Within the next 5 years, Ikeji mentioned she hopes to be the new Facebook. Celebrities have said in the previous that Ikeji makes up stories, although others have accused her of plagiarism. Apart from her controversial techniques, she differs from Facebook in an additional key way, nevertheless. The plan is to spend people who acquire a lot of followers on the web-site. The money incentives are paid out to the so-known as 'wallet' – a section on the network where persons add their bank account facts.

It remains to be seen if anybody will hit that higher. For now, she will pay out a weekly share of her marketing revenue to the most common accounts, she says. The aim of the business is to give back to the on the web community. The technique could mean very good money for users, and the social network who gets aid with attracting people today to sign-up. A win win, she explains. A million dollar enterprise. Ikeji is everywhere in the on line sphere, with 1.32 million Twitter followers and 796,000 following her Instagram account. It all started ten years ago, when she was modeling, and came across a blog post about herself. Back then, blogs have been more personal accounts of people's lives, she mentioned. Already a celebrity, it immediately drew a lot of readers. It seems to have worked. Right now her blog has around 7 million web page views per day and is in particular well-liked with Nigerians living abroad in countries such as China, Dubai and the U.S., according to Ikeji. However popular and thriving she claims to be, Ikeji continues to be controversial. Some say she is acquiring rich on gossip.

Explaining being single at 40 in a society exactly where marriage is cherished is constantly a task. This is one particular reality a handful of Nigerian celebrities have come to terms with. And, of course, keeping a prosperous career and marriage does go hand-in-hand. Regardless of the many deceits, torture and lies that some celebrities have had to battle in their marriages, they seem to be realising now that they cannot keep single forever. So, for celebrities who are ripe for marriage and carry the burden of how their marriages will be perceived by the society, they now know that they can get married devoid of the know-how of the public. And break-up, if certainly they really feel so constrained, without having their understanding also.

Till Di’ja had her baby, her marriage story was a rumour. But according to her manager, Ernest Julius Audu, she carried the pregnancy in Nigeria for some time before she travelled out of the nation to have the infant. He mentioned, “The truth is that Di’ja is a really private individual and she desires a pretty private life. She is a northern girl and they are not aloud persons. They do not put their loved ones life in the public. You will not uncover a common Hausa girl exposing her private life. At some point, she travelled out of the nation but it did not cease her from working and recording. You know say na Nigeria una dey like items like that, but dey no care for other countries.

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(Image: https://alexis.lindaikejisblog.com/photos/shares/59c3f501aae86.jpg) Di’ja’s management knew that the media would make stories out of her marriage and they did all they could to hold it away from the public. Till date, only a couple of people today know her husband and the father of her baby. The media will do well to let celebrities have tiny freedom to focus on their act and still reside a standard life. I am conscious of the need to sell papers and attract site visitors to our numerous blogs, but adopting this will undoubtedly make celebrities to be friendly with the media. I named Daddy Showkey sometime final year and he told me I dialed a wrong number. Yet, I knew it was him since I know his voice effectively and I have him on my WhatsApp. I as soon as named Fathia Balogun also and she stated it was a incorrect quantity. Immediately some celebrities identify you as a journalist, they will in no way pick your calls again or give quite a few factors to stay away from getting talked to. Rita Dominic, Genevieve, Kate Henshaw and some prime female celebrities panic anytime journalists come close to them. They know the queries we want to ask prior to even saying a word.

Linda Ikeji, well-known celebrity blogger and ex-model. She comes from a poor background from Nkwerre, Imo State. Born on September 19,1980 into a family of six girls and 1 boy, she rose by sheer dint of challenging function and persistence to turn out to be one particular of the most effective net entrepreneur in Nigeria. Linda Ikeji weblog started in 2006 and is worth N5million month-to-month. She has acquired three exotic vehicles Which includes a 2014 Evougue, 2014 Range Rover Sport worth 24m and an Infiniti FX 35 Worth 8 Million. Linda spends her funds on designer items and family members vacations abroad. Final year, she constructed two houses for her parents. 1 in Lagos (a five bedroom duplex) that fees about N100 million, in Surulere, Lagos. The other was constructed in the village (Nkwerre), a seven bedroom masterpiece that cost about N75 million. Dated Dan Foster of Cool Fm in the previous.

About a week ago I study a blog post on Nigeria’s most significant celebrity and gossip blogger - Linda Ikeji. It spoke at length about the launch of her social media site -LindaIkejiSocial(LIS). I keep in mind the post didn’t hesitate to complain about its Lags and bugs. And the reality that it was a heavy clone of Facebook. I didn’t want to jump into any conclusions but, fundamentally mainly because new goods are met with polar views and web sites normally have troubles in their very first quarter of release. This post you’re reading was written about a week right after the site’s release due to the fact stress on the internet site in the 1st week was higher. And I wanted to be positive the concerns had been not because of the high website traffic directed to their server. What is it all about?

The About web page states that “LIS” (Linda Ikeji Social) is a social blogging neighborhood where users can socialize, study exclusive News / Gossips, share contents and get awesome reward. On the LIS neighborhood, every person is invited to submit eye witness news taking place around them and earn rewards. UPDATE: It has come to my attention the typos in this post. This was copied directly from their website. Sounds good, like a mix of micro blogging (Twitter), social media (Facebook), freelance blogging (Freelancer) and a classified(OLX). From what I’ve gathered, it basically means that you get paid money anytime you submit a post to Linda Ikeji and it is accepted.

The method she is trying implement sounds just like what TMZ is doing now i.e. paying leads and this poses a massive challenge. Because TMZ’s inception in 2005, they have come beneath heavy criticism about misleading the public and also overstepping the boundaries of people today. This is due to the fact they get their news from sources close to celebrities and the sources, figuring out they will be paid will go all at length to get the stories even if it indicates telling half truths. This method isn’t the greatest, contemplating the reality that men and women lie extensively on issues. I hope her team researches really properly on the scoops prior to publishing to minimize or even stop the falsehood.