Popular blogger Linda Ikeji is laughing all the way to the bank, thanks to the art of blogging. Prior to acquiring the SUV, the 31-year old bachelorette owned a 2008 Toyota Camry which she purchased two years ago.(Image: https://i2.wp.com/thenet.ng/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Linda-Ikeji-04.jpg?fit=409,411) The second kid in a family members of nine, Linda bought a multi-million five-bedroom duplex in Surulere for her parents just two months ago. Linda’s weblog reportedly rakes in an average of N3m a month from adverts from many brands and on the net ad networks, which tends to make her the highest earning blogger in Nigeria. A celebrity in her own suitable, Ikeji was a well-known model for a lot of years, and a magazine publisher prior to discovering blogging obtaining stumbled on BellaNaija.

But it is blogging, she admits, that is provided her the fame and fortune she’d often dreamt of. Last December, she was integrated in a 17-man tour of American cities, organized by the American Consulate. Featured on Forbes and a lot of other local and international media, she’s the most decorated and celebrated blogger in Nigeria, using gossip and human interest content material to capture the hearts of millions around the planet. Often criticised by celebrities and quite a few of her subjects mostly for third celebration comments on her blog, and by numerous conventional magazines and newspapers who were the source of her content material for quite a few years, Ikeji is not exactly everyone’s darling. But she’s almost everyone’s dar ling.

Not terrible. Even the popular Chinese blogger Han Han, possibly the world’s most common blogger, is not loved by all despised especially, by quite a few conservatives who contemplate him a rebel writer. The English Language graduate of the University of Lagos began her advent into entertainment as a striving model although in UNILAG. She modeled for several brands, like the ‘Rose of Sharon’ label owned by former President of the Style Designers Association of Nigeria (FADAN) and Nigerian billionaire and oil tycoon, Folorunsho Alakija. As she continues to nurture that fan base and develop on an amazing achievement, pundits say the subsequent actions will ascertain the future of the blogger and her model.

Re: Blogger, Linda Ikeji's Aging Images! Re: Blogger, Linda Ikeji's Aging Images! On Mar 30, 2013 This is rather late although I cant see d aging in d image. Linda sells gossip, she really should count on pple two gossip about her. Superior for her thougj, she doesnt look to have any scandal trailing her. Re: Blogger, Linda Ikeji's Aging Photos! Mcleo007(m): 7:16pm On Mar 30, 2013 She appears sexy as fvck with that facial expression. Never know abt you @op, bt I see a young, fairly and confident lady in the pics. Re: Blogger, Linda Ikeji's Aging Images! Temismith: 7:45pm On Mar 30, 2013 @op, d final time i checked, she wasnt a vampire. So aging is a constant tin in everyone's life. Re: Blogger, Linda Ikeji's Aging Images! On Mar 30, 2013 This OP is a mischief maker. Re: Blogger, Linda Ikeji's Aging Images!

On Mar 31, 2013 point of correction ya'all, i am not op. I am licensed to my believed so are you guys. I have practically nothing against Linda. She's an Icon. i spill out my thoughts the way it it. Idibia. it'll shock you all. This OP is a mischief maker. Re: Blogger, Linda Ikeji's Aging Photographs! On Mar 31, 2013 this is just a facial expression, it has practically nothing to do with aging, a child will also look that old with that facial expression. Re: Blogger, Linda Ikeji's Aging Pictures! On Jun 30, 2013 Gbam! Screwface: honestly,I do not get it.

Is not she supposed to be age in the 1st spot? Has she carried out something contrary? Is ageing such a negative issue now cus she's a media individual? She's in her thirties,and she's looking as such, shey u want her to appear like 18 ni? Quit with your hate joor! Re: Blogger, Linda Ikeji's Aging Images! On Jun 30, 2013 She's UGLY. Re: Blogger, Linda Ikeji's Aging Images! Hove: 12:46pm On Jun 30, 2013 Climbing pple to climb is dead wrong. Attempt someoda inventive blog tips. Re: Blogger, Linda Ikeji's Aging Photographs! A former model who runs a weblog that tends to make its bread and butter from gossip and rumours. Possibly she must be larger on this list thinking of her unending run-ins with these she talks about. One can hardly blame Richard Mofe-Damijo for threatening the living daylight out of her when she misinformed her readers about the value of his home. SEE Full LIST Beneath.. Top rated TEN NIGERIAN CELEBRITIES WITH THE MOST HATERS! All rights reserved. See How To Promote.

This is a short Linda Ikeji wiki web page. In case you will need some far more data about Nigeria’s most productive celebrity blogger, you are just on the right page. When you hear an individual say ‘Linda Ikeji’, what comes to your mind: An irking celebrity gossip blogger or an independent woman who is a function model to quite a few Nigerian young girls? Anyway, not everything gets reported about this hardworking lady. Considering the fact that she is in the celebrity gossip niche, we have decided to ‘do to her what she does to others’ every day on her weblog and that is to gossip about her. Linda was a bar attendant throughout her university days. She began blogging 10years ago. She may perhaps not appear like it but Linda Ikeji is 35 years old. As such she is not definitely a youth. She is a ‘milf’ or much more politely an aunty. Linda owns about 3 vehicles: a 2008 Toyota Camry, an Infinity FX 35 Jeep and the 2014 Range Rover Sports. Certainly, Linda knows a point or two about vehicles. And she knows how to pamper herself. Least I neglect, Linda gets dumped as well! Dan Foster ended his connection to Linda Ikeji to get married to his wife, Lovina foster.

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Linda Ikeji was born on 19 September 1980 in Imo State, Nigeria For companies, you can advertise your products and enhance sales March 2017 at 12:42 Thriving in recession She was born and raised in a Catholic household. She is the second child of her parents

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The news leading the headliners of many blogs internet sites, forums, social media and numerous each day newspaper. You heard it appropriate the blog internet site was removed by Google based on the allegation that a certain particular person named Mr Aye Dee, reported to the search engine giant. But the weblog website Linda Ikeji, has been restore back online by Google. She Exposed the spammed in a single of her newest post tagged “ Involving Linda Ikeji and Mr Aye Dee. The actual shocking story ”. To Entertain and Celebrate African Dreams Both Dwelling and Diaspora. Catch all the Most up-to-date trending News, Entertainment News, Celebrity Life style and Society News on www.gyonlineng.com. You can subscribe to our list by means of the subscription box on the prime bar of the website..

It was after her dream to perform in a Tv Station, now she owns 1. Linda Ikeji is set to launch her own Tv station which reportedly will be hosted on DSTV. Writing on her page, the blogger shares her pains, challenges, joys and good results story. Increasing up I wanted to be a reporter or a Tv presenter… now I employ reporters and Television presenters. As an alternative of functioning at a Tv station, I’m about to own a single. God has a way of carrying out his issue. Just trust him and never ever depart from him as you go on your journey. And try to remember, you just can’t beat the individual who in no way offers up,“ she mentioned on Instagram.

I was mostly in a daze, questioning what to do subsequent,” she stated. I’d thought becoming Miss Nigeria was the finest thing that could occur to me. And that dream was gone, and with it, all the terrific points I could have performed or turn out to be.“ She added. Miss Nigeria, Linda started blogging in 2008 and she has transformed into a media mogul. I employ reporters and Television presenters..? Rather of functioning at a Television station, I am about to own one particular. God has a way of performing his thing. Just trust him and never depart from him as you go on your journey. And keep in mind, you just cannot beat the person who never provides up.

Also speaking on controversies, “If Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry can post photos of themselves on their private islands and we are ‘oohing ‘and ‘ahhing’, why not me? I turn a year older these days, September 19th and I can not tell you guys how grateful I am for the life I have. I could not have every thing I want yet… but I have far more than I thought was even probable and for that I am thankful. I am thankful for my loved ones, buddies, all LIB readers, and effectively-wishers. My prayer as I turn 36 right now, is to discover an amazing guy soon, settle down, have a bunch of little ones and continue to live, influence my globe and make a distinction. Please say a prayer for me!

Linda Ikeji actually started from a absolutely humble background she was even named a “failed model” at a point to give you an concept of how roughly she had it in her earlier work to obtain access to the limelight. Even so, she has turn out to be a phenomenon. Undoubtedly, she is one of the richest entrepreneurs in Nigerian and she even compete with some male millionaires for position. If you feel she produced it out of luck, I can authoritatively reveal to you that you are really wrong. She didn’t just have luck on her side she also put in a lot of hard labour to obtain what she had accomplished right now. Her riches have been not acquired only through God’s Blessing she worked for it. Do not forget that God only blesses what you currently have.

One particular other beautiful factor about her is that she in no way engaged in prostitution or any such issue. She even created up her thoughts never to be therefore engaged and she chose the uncomfortable and inconvenient path of hard labour alternatively of selling her body for money. Linda Ikeji has one of the most winsome personalities you can ever come by. She has this winsome personality that tends to make people flock around her everywhere she goes. She is quite open and she is for that reason capable to make lot of close friends. In all sense of the word, Linda Ikeji is down to earth! This is one particular of the variables that turned her weblog to a very sought soon after, each in Nigerian and beyond.

Linda Ikeja had been in several items in her work to make revenue in these early days. She was after a model and she also had many aspect time engagements when she was in the university. Having said that, she is recognized mostly by most persons for her blogging engagements. This is because blogging is principal to bringing her so a lot wealth and affluence. Linda Ikeji started her blogging profession in 2006. This was the period that entertainment was just booming in Nigerian and it was the next greatest thing beside crude oil. There was seldom any severe or engaging on the web entertainment news platform when she came on. There were handful of then, like Bella Naija.

Therefore, the marketplace was very ripe and she plugged in with out delay whatsoever. When entertainment planet was developing in Nigeria, Linda Ikeji Blog was already on ground and the weblog grew along in popularity, bringing its creator loads of wealth and lot of affluence. This is a different aspect that locations Linda Ikeji at the prime. She under no circumstances gave up in her effort to construct something out of her profession as a blogger regardless of the truth that the thought was not so preferred at the time. It is not straightforward to set up a blog and also hold on posting on it on common basis.

On the other hand, this uneasy route was the one particular chosen by Linda Ikeji. She kept on updating her weblog on normal basis and this show of really hard function and consistency quickly brought her fame she had by no means thought feasible in her wildest imagination. She was not just posting on her weblog, she was often posting anything motivational, inspirational and engaging. Linda Ikeji by no means had the notion of revenue creating as principal on her thoughts when she began blogging. Blogging is her hobby and she was only interested in doing what she loves to do best. She hence was able to place in all her work to it in order to make anything definitely significant out of it. It is clear to all nowadays that the income she never ever produced her principal concentrate ended up coming her way in the greatest manner imaginable.

The reality that she was carrying out blogging for entertaining and to keep a hobby was sufficient motivation for her and these kept her going from day to day. These days, Linda Ikeji had built a enormous community from her blog. She has come to be a household name in Nigeria and she is rising higher and receiving a lot more popular by the day. One particular other factor accountable for Linda Ikeji’s greatness is the fact that she decided to enlarge her coast and diversify her wealth.(Image: https://alexis.lindaikejisblog.com/photos/shares/59fd80172236f.jpg) When she started seeing constant money flow from her weblog, she diversified into other regions. Not too long ago, Linda Ikeji opened her studio and she plans to include a number of branches or units under the studio to make it some thing really large. Her background was extremely poor.

In actual reality, she was the a single that was largely responsible for her tuition and education when she was at the university, given that her parents could not support out. That is history right now. That lady of yesteryears that could not pay her college costs comfortably has effectively develop into an employer of labour due to difficult labour, consistency and determination. She was into modeling before, as hinted earlier. She has nevertheless left that aspect and is now focused on her blogging and other firms. Linda Ikeji has had it fantastic so far.(Image: https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-sG6MkqBBQWs/WbKDqzH1jcI/AAAAAAAM-qo/ITODPYGh_8oQZCMRn9Tk3hYYz6QTuo3RACLcBGAs/s1600/Look+1+-+Group+Picture.jpg) She is a wealthy person by all standards. She has a single of the most beautiful houses at Banana Island. She also has fleet of automobiles. Some years back, she built a true wonderful edifice of a residence for her parents and she also purchased them high priced and impressive automobiles. Her siblings have also been able to rise to prominence thanks to the decision of Linda Ikeji top make a name for herself. Her newly opened workplace is also 1 of the most highly-priced about.