external page Biography Of Linda Ikeji - Linda Ikeji was born September 19, 1980 . A native of Nkwerre LGA ,Imo State, Nigeria .She was born in to a struggling family, the second of seven young children. She grew up in a christain catholic dwelling . At a tender age of 10 years , Linda began writing as a hobby The fiction she penned down were praised by her buddies and family and more than time she cultivated a passion for news. In contrast to numerous teenagers of her age, Linda loved watching newscasters and interviews and by the time the chance presented to attend university in Lagos, her course option was decided: Mass Communication. She was accepted to study English dialect in the university to her disappointment, but she determined to make the greatest of it. She began her advent into entertainment as a striving kind though in UNILAG.

She modeled for some emblems, which includes the ‘Rose of Sharon’ label belongs to by preceding leader of the Style Designers Association of Nigeria (FADAN) and Nigerian billionaire and oil tycoon, Folorunsho Alakija. She took to modeling at only 17 boasting in some of the most glamorous most up-to-date trend displays in the country. Talk about St Moritz approach assortment, she was there. She has additionally been to ECOFEST and completed some out doorway advertisements. In 2004 , after she achieved her university finding out, she worked difficult to break into the journalism trade, launching her media business, incredibly dark dove Communications, a modelling bureau and events management outfit. The title incredibly dark dove was inspired by silverbird..a title and a bird. She stayed within her solace zone which was modeling so rather than of getting in front of the camera , went behind the camera by running an bureau, employing forms, teaching types, obtaining jobs for models. I nonetheless have the modeling agency but I am not operating it any longer .

You have to commit time with your children or you would lose them. In some cases I would call him and he wouldn’t have something to say. I would ask him how he was carrying out and he would just say ‘fine.’ I would scold him and tell him to say a thing additional than one particular word. I would inform him to ask me questions and he would say he didn’t know what to say. Did you ever smoke weed? Yes. I bear in mind a single time I smoked weed and my father came in and asked me, ‘what is that stupid appear on your face? You need to have been smoking that stupid stuff for the reason that you look so stupid! I in no way smoked it once more.

But I was even 18. But my son was 14 when he began smoking weed. I was so pissed with his mum since she didn’t even know what he was undertaking. Now, I am trying to get his head collectively and make positive he does effectively in college. My only pain is that I needed to have been there for this kid. But I have 3 kids now and I appreciate them to death. Was your absence the major explanation he did drugs? I could have communicated extra with him. He needs a function model. I spoke to my ex’s new guy and I asked him why he didn’t watch over him. He said he attempted to speak to him.

I told him I was annoyed with them. I told him I would have watched over the kid and discovered out who he was hanging out with. He told me he was hanging out with a white kid. But he is carrying out superior now. He is communicating with me now. Why did you marry a Nigerian? My father told me that my ex had moved on. In reality, he told me then that she looked heavy. I asked what he meant and I was told she was pregnant. I knew she had genuinely moved on. But then, I didn’t marry again till just about 4 or 5 years later.

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(Image: https://alexis.lindaikejisblog.com/photos/shares/59fbdcbdbac49.png) I was taking my time right after that. It wasn’t a thing I wanted to jump into. But then, I did have so numerous choices. I recall Linda asking me what she did incorrect. She went on and on. My wife normally tries to delete her number no matter how I tag it on my phone. She would constantly figure the quantity out and she would discover out what I use to code it. My wife is so sturdy and she is the proper lady. I enjoy her mainly because she didn’t know who I was when I met her at the theatre. She still didn’t know who I was for almost two weeks soon after.

We just had a terrific conversation. My sister kept asking me how I would come across somebody that would enjoy me for who I am. I place my wife to that test. She didn’t know me. It was two weeks later that people in her office asked her if she knew who her boyfriend was and they told her. She told them she didn’t know and she hadn’t even heard me on radio. But Linda is carrying out properly now do not you feel you really should have married her? She is a good kid. I hope she is able to discover somebody but she has to find the appropriate person.

She is actually into what she is doing. She is an truthful kid. I believed I wasn’t great sufficient for her. I kept asking her why me. But she was definitely into me. I couldn’t believe it. I took her for granted. I felt she could usually obtain a fine model on the runway. But she was so really severe about me. She was in enjoy with me. But it didn’t perform out. I took her for granted and I was dating one more particular person although I was dating her. I tried to maintain a partnership in Abuja, one more in Warri while she was in Lagos.

It was a nightmare. I wouldn’t want to go by way of that once more. I had three beautiful women at a time and I lost them all. They have been all waiting. One of them knew about all the rest. She could have been the a single. I hurt her so badly. She even left the nation immediately after we broke up. I felt poor. I went to the cinema to get my head together on a Saturday morning and that was exactly where I met my wife. See how God performs. Appear at my children. They are amazing youngsters. Do we see you going back to keep in the US?

A single day, I have to. But my family members went to the US recently. They saw my relatives. I didn’t go with them. I want I went with them. I am nevertheless searching forward to that day to occur. We are hustling at the moment. We will do it at the appropriate time. The US is a excellent place but a man desires to be exactly where he is recognized. This is where my job is. We would take a look at and love those areas. I have made this spot my house due to the fact my perform is so relevant to me. My job is critical. The satisfaction I get when I am working is significant. My mother died when I was 10. There was no mum about. It was just dad. I had a very good relationship with my dad. In fact, it was the most effective. I talk about him a lot. He is full of wisdom. He sounds so clever. He began taking care of us when my mum died. My siblings are cool as well. You must have totally adapted to Nigerian technique now. I am trying. It is just that I see fish in all the things I consume. I am allergic to sea meals. How can somebody put fish in beans? It is just ridiculous.

Blogger, Linda Ikeji's Aging Pictures! Nairaland Forum / Entertainment / Celebrities / Blogger, Linda Ikeji's Aging Pictures! Blogger, Linda Ikeji's Aging Photos! On Mar 29, 2013 Unarguably one particular of the couple of prosperous bloggers in Nigeria. Linda Ikeji has carved a niche for herself in the Nigerian media. A fight against her is a fight against her fans as my research has shown that no other post gets larger comments than any post that has to do with her. I couldn’t aid but visualize if she employs robots to make good comments about herself on the weblog. The single-make-think blogger have shared a lot about her personal life and her very have to have of the ‘man in the hood’, apparently one particular of her promoting points.

I watched an interview of her on Ndanni sometime final year and decided to unwind and see if any individual would notice and publish the apparent, unfortunately no one did. Was it the worry of Linda or her fans? I am a lady for crying out loud, the 31-year-old blogger looks far older than her age. She was on motion camera (as opposed to photographs) and didn’t get the opportunity to smile or speak in a certain way. She lost conscious of some facial expressions. Re: Blogger, Linda Ikeji's Aging Photos! Likes Re: Blogger, Linda Ikeji's Aging Pictures! Re: Blogger, Linda Ikeji's Aging Photos! On Mar 30, 2013 lol. Re: Blogger, Linda Ikeji's Aging Photographs! On Mar 30, 2013 thats funny! Re: Blogger, Linda Ikeji's Aging Pictures! Alleinad(f): 1:08pm On Mar 30, 2013 She has created her mark and is still creating it, aging or not.

Re: Blogger, Linda Ikeji's Aging Photographs! Screwface(m): 2:28pm On Mar 30, 2013 honestly,I don't get it. Is not she supposed to be age in the 1st spot? Has she done something contrary? Is ageing such a bad factor now cus she's a media person? She's in her thirties,and she's looking as such, shey u want her to appear like 18 ni? Quit with your hate joor! Likes Re: Blogger, Linda Ikeji's Aging Photographs! Re: Blogger, Linda Ikeji's Aging Pictures! On Mar 30, 2013 @op I know exactly where u are coming from no age is late for a lady to get married so go get smthing undertaking.