external page Blogger Linda Ikeji opens new office, a fully equipped media that consists Linda Ikeji Television, Linda Ikeji Radio, Linda Ikeji Music, Linda Ikeji Blog and Linda Ikeji Studio. Now people today are receiving it clear that the dream of the 35-year-old female media personality is not just blogging but far beyond that. And surely she’s realizing them gradually.(Image: https://static.pulse.ng/img/incoming/origs5713659/1656362799-w644-h960/Linda-Ikeji.png) According to reports, Linda rented the 22-room empire at N10 million along with a further N85 devoted to equip and furnish the constructing. The new workplace has been named Linda Ikeji Media. She took to her Instagram 5 days ago to share some photographs of her new office settings, providing her gratitude for the feat she has achieved in her line of company. The blogger stated she really her workplace six years ago when payment renewal was not economical but now she has a larger a single. She wrote: “6 years ago, I shut down my office, packed my stuff and went household due to the fact I could no longer afford rent. Look at me now.

Toyin was heard saying “this is Linda’s number”. It appeared she was responding to the accusation that she was the one who misinformed Linda Ikeji, an accusation she denied. In the video clip, Toyin was observed hitting her chest, shouting out, “me, named Linda, me named Linda”. The identical guy in the scene told her to hold on, with the scene suggesting a telephone call was going to be made to Linda to expose Toyin that she was the 1 who misinformed Linda. Toyin was heard saying “there is a press downstairs”. Obviously, that was an indication that she went to LUTH with pressmen.

Two things had been evident from the video, with one getting that Linda Ikeji might have acted on misinformation. Two, it was apparent that Toyin Aimakhu was acting out a script nicely known to her and additional that she may not have been contacted by the loved ones to play a “major role” in the fundraiser. There is a third video involving Bode and supposedly, a lady with a hyperlink to Toyin. The lady (forthwith Lady A) was heard attributing faults to Aramide, implicitly agreeing to Bode’s stand that the family’s name was scandalized. Bode interjected pointing to someone not seen in the video, mentioning that, “that was the person who triggered everything”.

Bode said Toyin produced the complete scene. Bode also stated that he was known as by Toyin, with the Lady A declaring that Toyin didn’t know how the misinformation got to Linda. Bode and other folks shouted down Lady A, insisting that Toyin called Linda. Lady A backed down, wondering why Toyin lied that she didn’t contact Linda. Bode and other individuals said Linda cited Toyin’s name and that Linda told them to watch a video immediately after the court section. Linda’s claim to have spearheaded the fundraiser was also discredited. Lady A was heard saying it was Mayowa who led her own fundraiser, no one could claim to have done that. This confirmed what I heard from the family members prior to the news of the alleged scam broke us. The loved ones by no means wanted a public fundraiser.

But Mayowa was pressed and possibly advised by non-household members to seek public assistance. Lady A mentioned she was the a single who advised her to consider that selection. Bode told Lady A, they made this scene and that they have been not God. Bode mentioned in a dejected tone asking irrespective of whether they saw a particular medical report. Bode stated that they will not give up on their sister until God elects to kill her. Linda/Toyin was also said to have claimed that the very first lady, supposedly, Aisha Buhari known as her. A firsthand account from folks with no affiliation to any of the parties involved in this saga indicated that Toyin never requested any percentage, but that Aramide of Lifestake Foundation did.

It was also confirmed that not only did Aramide requested to be offered 5% of the fundraiser, but also that her foundation be authorized to manage the funds. The family members of Mayowa objected to the two circumstances. What cannot be ascertained for now is if there is a secret agreement committing particular percentage of the money Aramide was expecting to Toyin. Premium Times sources alluded to that, with new waves of details reaching me suggesting that possibility. Quickly as the info is confirmed from various sources, I will update the whole world. So far, it is reasonable to tentatively conclude as follows. One, there was no try by Mayowa’s family members to scam Nigeria. Apr Guardian LadyHer Humble BeginningsBREACH(ES) OF THESE TERMS AND ConditionsYears Old Stubborn Pile GONE! Thanks to this “Strange” HerbLike it or hate itYou Develop into Permanently Self-Employment

Two, Linda Ikeji misinformed the complete planet by wrongly and authoritatively alleging that Mayowa’s fundraiser was a scam. Three, Toyin also played a huge role in scandalizing Mayowa’s household. 4, Aramide Kasumu of Lifestake Foundation is the major actor in the try to scandalize Mayowa’s loved ones, with her motives getting dollars-driven. I call on properly-which means Nigerians to stand up for Mayowa’s family members. I further get in touch with on Nigerian citizens and friends worldwide to join efforts seeking to ensure those behind the attempt to scandalize Mayowa’s loved ones are produced to face the full wrath of the laws. I further get in touch with on the Nigerian government to take over the treatment of Mayowa by facilitating her travelling abroad with no further delay. Lastly, I call on the Initially Lady, to dissociate herself of any involvement with Linda, Toyin or Aramide.

Yesterday (February 22) Nigerian pop star Wizkid, 25, named preferred Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji, 35, “lonely and bitter” on his SnapChat account. Wizkid shared an old picture of Linda Ikeji through her modelling days and captioned the image “Almost 40, lonely and bitter! Prayers up for you! Wizkid was most likely responding to Linda Ikeji’s sub yesterday. Linda Ikeji posted an write-up of American rapper The Game slamming an Internet troll for calling him a dead beat dad. Quite a few individuals think that line was directed at Wizkid. In January Linda Ikeji broke the news that Wizkid had allegedly fathered a child with a woman identified as Binta Diamond Diallo. A handful of days following the story Binta Diamond Diallo spoke to The Shade Space and mentioned Wizkid is a dead beat dad.

In her statement to her fans, she mentioned Lastly, I have my personal official app. Every little thing else just before now wasn’t mine. It is not in dispute that every other superior bloggers out there are all hoping that a single day they will be capable to launch their own private app just as this young lady has completed. She said that she was in a position to take some of other apps,which has been operating with her name down and decided to launch her own official app. The app as i have said earlier she named Linda Ikeji Weblog app and you can download Now here. The app is actually great as many have testified that it is a single in a million when it comes to instant details delivery.

Linda Ikeji Biography - Linda was born on September 19, 1980. An indigene of Nkwerre L.G.A. Imo State, Nigeria.(Image: https://alexis.lindaikejisblog.com/photos/shares/59c4013c9bcd0.png) She was born into a family members with a genuinely humble background, and is the second of seven kids. She was raised in a Christian catholic home as effectively. At a extremely tender age of 10 years, Linda started a hobby of writing. The fiction she wrote were commended by her loved ones and good friends. As time went by she developed a passion for news. Different from most teenagers her age, Linda Ikeji cherished listening to news, watching newscasters and interviews, and when the possibility came to study at the University in Lagos, she chose into Mass Communication.

Nonetheless, to her disappointment, she was admitted to study English Language. To help herself via college and cut down burden on her household, Linda began functioning at age 17, undertaking something from getting a waitress, ushering in occasions to modeling and bar-tending. She came into entertainment as a determined model even though studying in Unilag. She said: “I'd run off from lectures to a hotel and sell beer from 1 pm till ten pm. I did this for a handful of months. It wasn't effortless at all, but I had to survive”. In the year 2004, after she had concluded her University education, she labored so hard to crack into the Journalism trade, by introducing her media business, called Black dove Communications, which was a modeling agency and events management outfit. The name Black dove was on the other hand inspired by Silverbird, which occurs to be a name and also a bird.

It took Linda Ifeoma Ikeji about four complete years of dedication to start out generating good cash from her blogging career. She mentioned: ''I've been dreaming about this car ever because I saw it two years ago, and I was ultimately able to pay for it two days ago, just after creating savings for practically four months. The most exciting element is that I have a blog to show it off. At least now some persons go no say my 'levels don change'. She of late obtained an Infinity FX 35 SUV costing over N8 million. A pretty sweet youngster to her parents, she acquired a multi-million 5-bedroom duplex for her parents in Surulere, Lagos.

Linda Ikeji at a point started getting more than 1 million exceptional visitors each and every month to her blog when some actually controversial stories were posted on her blog, and that brought the a lot awaited recognition and large income.(Image: http://alexis.lindaikejisblog.com/photos/shares/59b017f3c3e0a.jpg) In August 2012, Linda was described as a success and a case study for the enterprise of blogging by Forbes Africa. Now speaking about Linda's personal life, she is so single and looking. She is but to discover her - My best man will have to be a decent guy, God fearing, quite fantastic hunting and have to be able to help what I do. According to Linda, she can never ever date a man younger than she is, but can marry a man who does not earn as significantly as she does. Her weblog which receives effectively more than 50,000 visitors every single day is a top rated shot for online advertisers and for others longing to draw web targeted traffic to their web pages. It is seriously funny to know that comments on Linda's blog can be really controversial and very intriguing than the post itself. She is also a motivational writer, who has written a couple of such. According to Linda, she does not like speaking, but rather delights in writing.

From the Editor: Plagiarism is a profession as old as time, at least that is the impression one gets particularly in Nigerian cyberspace as bloggers ‘borrow’ (often and regularly) articles and photographs from other blogs or web sites with out attribution or payment. Ms Linda Ikeji, a former model turned blogger created millions from her gossip and entertainment website which was obtaining over 500,000 hits per day. Ms Ikeji had been accused by numerous writers and photographers, of just ‘copying and pasting’ stories and photographs from various blogs and web-sites with out permission or even an acknowledgement. Ikhide Ikheloa joined in the fray, instead of calling for her head, as would be anticipated, Mr Ikheloa joined his voice to the multitudes DEFENDING Ms Ikeji’s actions.