external page I will let you know some more locations where you can uncover a copy to invest in. I am proud of myself. Oh, by the way, did I mention that Virgin Nigeria want the magazines on their planes? Soon you'll find the mags on VN international flights to UK, SA and Dubai! We will also have our magazines in some nearby flights.(Image: https://alexis.lindaikejisblog.com/photos/shares/5a111c183f07a.png) This Magazine came to me as an notion in June 2005. Specifically 1 year later, the very first edition was published. How I managed to do it puzzled a lot of folks, even myself, taking into consideration the outstanding top quality of the magazine and the huge quantity of efforts and sources it took to put it together and get it out.

Before the very first edition came out, I went to a handful of financial institutions to see if I could raise income necessary to print the magazine. Nothing came out of it! For some cause, it didn't perform out that way. I wasn't capable to raise sufficient funds, not even close. It was as if I'd failed, mainly because prior to venturing into this, a lot of men and women had tried to discourage me from carrying out it. I recall a pal telling me that what I was about to embark on was bigger than me. A few others mentioned I ought to leave the nation and get a much better life abroad.

Some stated I really should stick to modeling and leave publishing to older and richer people. The weeks following the formal launching of the maiden edition of my magazine had been some of the worst moments in my whole life. I was far more broke than I'd ever been. I was in debt. I was loosing cash due to the fact I was promoting the magazine for significantly less than I printed it. I could not get the funds from sales right away and the magazine wasn't selling as quickly as I'd hoped. Worse still, I couldn't raise cash for the next edition. I don't forget feeling really gloomy and depressed, specially when I heard 'I told you so' from pals. Inspite of all this, I started perform on my next edition. And for the subsequent a single year I went about Lagos to see if I could raise the dollars necessary to print.

I didn't get significantly support. But did I give up? Did I let my dream die? The easiest thing we humans know how to do is give up, specifically when we consider we've tried our best and our very best does not appear like it is adequate. Dreams do come true. The bottom line is to think in oneself and in your dream. People today will attempt to discourage you most occasions they mean effectively. But understand one issue: Only you see your dream, only you know where you want to go and only you can make your dreams come true.(Image: https://alexis.lindaikejisblog.com/photos/shares/59f31ac26dd55.jpg) To make your dreams come true you need to have faith, be determined, function extraordinarily difficult, do not be too proud to beg, take risks, pay focus and do not get very easily discouraged. Don't forget, the road to accomplishment is rough. Winners under no circumstances quit and quitters never win. Most importantly, do not ever forget to get down on your knees. I always create the way I feel, see and know it. Anyway, I am searching at bringing out the 3rd edition in January. So please enable me get my next edition ready by sending in articles and photographs that relates to Fashion, Modeling and Beauty.

But apart from him, in the past year, I’ve not had a large challenge with anybody. How have you been in a position to manage it with all the threats that are thrown your way? Doesn’t that leave you scared? The only particular person that threatened me was him. No it does not scare me. I do a lot more very good for them than they acknowledge. Some of them are my close friends, some of them have been to my house but the negativity that comes with blogging is fine. Some men and women will take offence, some will react in distinctive strategies. I’ve been performing this for ten years. If by now I’m not used to the backlash, then I must get out of the organization.

From the feedback you get, do you feel loved or hated? It’s a combination of each. I get a lot of hate and I get a lot of love. But I try as significantly as feasible to hold on to the really like and not pay focus to the hate due to the fact I know the hate is coming from a incredibly distinct location. Sometimes when I trend and I see some vile comments about me, I’m like, you have by no means met me, why are you saying these kinds of items about me? I’ve grown such a thick skin, I just appear at it and I laugh.

I know when folks are frustrated and depressed due to the fact I have been there. I’ve been depressed and I’ve been angry and my anger was normally towards those who are effective and when I say hurtful points about them, it makes me really feel better. So I enable them that grace to just vent. I comprehend that accomplishment comes with a lot of hate. In fact, that is one of the approaches to know you’re truly undertaking effectively. But of course, I get a lot of really like. I get a lot of people today who inform me that I inspire them and those are the ones I pay consideration to. Have you lost any precious friendship because of a story you wrote?

Certainly not I haven’t. I’ve lost individuals who don’t agree with what I do but absolutely nothing beneficial. With this your new notion, do not you believe you are taking on also considerably at a time? I’ve been blogging for ten years and I’m bored. I want to do a thing else. I’m 36, this is the time I have the energy and passion to run this. Apart from, I’m delegating. I have a employees of over 30 men and women operating right here. So it is not also a great deal seriously. I assume men and women attempt to limit themselves. I don’t limit myself at all. I really feel like there’s absolutely nothing at all I can’t do. You produced a video on your birthday exactly where you talked about a lot of issues. Why did you do that? I just wanted to speak about it.

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It was my birthday and I just wished I was married. It’s now that I want to get married. I don’t wish I was married earlier. Are you saying you’re not acquiring proposals from men? I’m having pretty a lot. Folks say that when you’re effective, males run away. It’s a lie. That is when they chase you the extra. But regrettably I haven’t seen what I’m seeking for. It was my birthday and I just wanted to speak about it. What are you hunting for? I retain telling people today. It’s not that guys are scarce. They are not scarce. The kind of males that some of us are hunting for are scarce. If I want to get married next week, I can. I want a man that I can appear up to.

Somebody that inspires me, somebody that will push me, motivate me somebody who has had some success in his own career. I’m inspired by thriving men and women. I cannot wait to meet someone like Tyler Perry. Does that imply you can’t marry a poor man? No, I can not marry a poor guy and I’m getting sincere about it. He does not have to be wealthy but let him be effective in his personal way. Have you had to evaluation you standards when it comes to men? When I was 30, my requirements had been incredibly high. But I wasn’t really hunting. I was just so focused on work simply because I’ve usually been so ambitious. I wasn’t focused on marriage and children and I felt like that would draw me back.

So I wanted to just do my stuff. It was just not too long ago that I began asking myself some queries. That I started thinking about it. Now, I have only 3 criteria. What are the three? He must be successful. He need to be a excellent man in the sense that he has to be quite supportive of what I do. If he tries to stifle me, I’m out. The third one particular, is the one that likes to eat groceries properly (laughs). Do you believe you’re controversial or just misunderstood? I don’t go out of my way to look for controversy. I feel that possibly I’m misunderstood. People forget that blogging, even though it began as a passion, is now a business.

There’s Linda the blogger and there’s Linda the person. Personally, if I was not a blogger, there are some points I won’t spend consideration to, due to the fact I don’t care. I have factors to do in my life. But simply because I’m a blogger, I have to spend focus to small gossip. I have to pay attention to who is clapping back for the reason that my readers wants to see all of that. But personally as a human getting, I don’t want anybody ill, I do not want anyone to fail, I do not want anybody to cry or really feel bad about comments. I consider I’m misunderstood which is fine mainly because persons who are close to me know me and these are the people that actually matter.

The reason I didn’t make an problem out of the Dasuki stuff is due to the fact it was overwhelming. I purchased a home in Banana Island for half a billion and people today cannot wrap their heads about it. They start out pondering it has to be anything shady. Up until the scandal blew open, I under no circumstances heard about the man Dasuki. So I know I’m not guilty of anything. When you get married, will you leave your Banana Island mansion? I will move to the man’s house as extended as it is not a 3 bedroom flat. Why do you really feel comfy talking about your age? I study someplace on line exactly where they stated I’m 42. Let me tell you, it is so straightforward to know someone’s age. Just find out the year they completed secondary college. People currently know my age.