external page Fashion entrepreneur, Laura Ikeji, is not just a younger sister of blogger, Linda Ikeji, she is also the most well-known of her sister’s siblings. Certain, Linda has other siblings like Sandra Ikeji, Benita Ikeji, Vera Ikeji, Peks Ikeji and Edna Ikeji, but the University of Lagos psychology graduate stands head and shoulders above the other folks. This is how the now heavily pregnant Mrs Ogbonna Kanu became virtually as preferred as her sister. Laura is Linda Ikeji’s most significant fan and is ready to jump into the ring on her sister’s behalf.(Image: https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-NuwpFa2pTAA/WWo3oaHd9gI/AAAAAAAM1XQ/R21-9DzgqZgFDPG3FEdZTE2247wkk2xqwCLcBGAs/s1600/g.jpg) When P-Square’s publicist, Bayo Adetu, named Linda a widespread blogger and accused her of publishing unverified story about the pop duo in 2014, it was the kid sister who declared that Ms Ikeji earned much more than the singing twins.

Standing by Linda in all climate has place Laura in the forefront amongst her other siblings. Laura has constructed a name for herself utilizing her sister’s fame. In an interview with Broadway Television last year, she challenged those who called her out for working with her as leverage. Hear her: “I do not care if folks calls me Linda’s sister. The most essential thing is I capitalised on my sister’s success. As an alternative of doing normal jobs, begging for funds or carrying out runs, I capitalise on my sister’s good results and its operating. She launched her outlet, Laura Ikeji Store, in Lekki, Lagos final year. She calls it one particular of the largest fashion stores in Nigeria exactly where customers can acquire high finish style things. Like her sister, Laura also has a blog.

Even though the last post was on October 12, 2016, the buzz generated whilst the weblog was active was enough to give her and her business the a great deal-necessary leverage. What she misses from her inactive weblog, she gains from active presence on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Despite the fact that she has a modest 6.4k followers on Twitter, her Instagram account boasts of 460k followers. Each handles are verified. She does a minimum of 3 posts a day on her Instagram page. Apart from updating her followers on goings-on in her life and enterprise, she also does some giveaway, creating her accounts engaging and enjoyable to be on. Marrying an ex-international footballer is a massive deal. When that footballer occurs to be the younger brother of former Super Eagles captain and Arsenal legend, Nwankwo Kanu, then the globe is bound to take note. That is the case of Laura’s marriage to Ogbonna Kanu, with whom she had a conventional marriage at her household compound in Unuduru, Eziama Obaire, Nkwerre Nearby Government Region of Imo State in January. The fact that her husband has two kids from a earlier relationship has not stopped Laura from flaunting her personal pregnancy on social media.

1 of the recent news creating the rounds on the social media is the N600 million mansion purchased by common blogger, Linda Ikeji at one of the choicest areas in Lagos state- Banana Island. Also it has a two area boys-quarters, a gatehouse, swimming pool, waterfall wall, altering area, cabana, and remarkable water-view. Completely, my dream house. To Linda the newly purchased mansion is a dream come correct. Yes, dreams do come correct. And however, so lots of people have preferred to hold sleeping, snoring way deep into the planet of doubts and indecision. But the salient queries here are: What do you make of the residence as shown in images under? Are you inspired by Linda’s good results to make your dreams come true and how many males have such kinds of mansions in Nigeria?

On Thursday, Taiwo Kola-Ogunlade, Google’s communication and public affairs manager for Anglophone West Africa had declined to categorically say why it shut down the weblog. Mr. Kola-Ogunlade mentioned the company does not go over person accounts. Having said that, speaking generally, he said: “We take violations of policies pretty seriously as such activities diminish the practical experience for our customers. When we are notified of the existence of content material that could violate our Terms of Service, we act speedily to review it and determine no matter whether it in fact violates our policies. She also alleged that cybersquatters had acquired all her possible domain names. On Tuesday, in a blog post, Ms. Ikeji accused “cybersquatters and hackers” of attempting to bring her blog down. She pointed a finger directly at Mukhtar Dan’Iyan, the Editor-in-Chief of US-based The 15 Past Eight Media Group, who utilizes the manage @AyeDee on Twitter. In an exclusive interview with PREMIUM Instances on Thursday, Mr. Dan’Iyan stated he had emailed Ms. Ikeji repeatedly about contents she lifted from his web-site prior to filing a formal DMCA complaint to Google.(Image: https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-FMJtT9uFOeY/WhakBhxWgLI/AAAAAAANMlo/7DdSQLJXytEx2h-4oS0Y0JpXX-aTvGclACLcBGAs/s1600/IFEX+JEHOVAH+3+29.jpg) He also mentioned “Emmanuel Efremov” was one particular of the directors in his business. Emmanuel has under no circumstances attempted to sell anything to Linda, nor has he ever demanded any sort of dollars from her. In fact, I doubt he’s ever had any interaction with right here even in passing,” Mr. Dan’Iyan mentioned.

After speaking about it for a while, Linda Ikeji came by means of with it, Linda Ikeji Social, or LIS, took off with a target of becoming a factor amongst devoted readers of the Linda Ikeji Weblog. Fans and critics have poured in comments, and created predictions, but deep down inside we all know there is no telling what the future holds. Linda Ikeji Social is 1 of four platforms to be released by Linda Ikeji Media other people becoming Linda Ikeji Tv, Linda Ikeji Radio and Linda Ikeji Music. In as a lot as LIS is a new social network, it is not exactly beginning from scratch. This gives it an edge more than other new social networks - she currently has vast content material and a committed fan base that will stick to her anywhere she goes. To spice factors up, she also intends to pay users to contribute articles to the platform. Certainly, it is a great move by her to take ownership of her platform and there are lots of possibilities for here henceforth.

Following the macabre social media drama that played out amongst the 'Pakurumo' singer, Wizkid and leading blogger, Linda Ikeji final week, we take a appear at other celebrities that have been at daggers drawn with the blogger. Durosoke' rapper, Olamide, bared his fangs at the gossip-peddler in 2014 when she published a story that he was expecting a baby with his longtime girlfriend. Olamide took to his social media pages to vent that Linda never ever publicises any fantastic thing that occurs in his career, but she's always eager to post adverse news about him. Alapomeji singer, 9ice is yet another entertainer that does not feel also highly of Linda.

Started mentor-ship programme tagged,’I’ll rather be self made’ for Nigerian girls in 2016 Develop the blog technique Thriving in recession 3 living rooms Why do want to begin a blog

The lanky singer as soon as issued a stern warning to the blogger never ever to post any of his songs without having his permission. I will fight anyone that dares put my song on the world-wide-web for free. Exactly where was Linda Ikeji when I was out with my 1st album? Linda Ikeji, who are you? I never even know her Linda Ikeji, if you are expecting a dime from me fa fa foul. Popular and nicely-loved thespian, Funke Akindele didn't come across it funny when Linda reported in 2015 that a post on Funke's Instagram page was poking enjoyable at Toyin Aimakhu's marital crisis. Funke, who studied Law, thereafter threatened Linda to take down the post within 24 hours, or she would sue her. Who Hasn't Beefed With Nigerian Blogger Linda Ikeji?

When it comes to individuals who Linda Ikeji has stepped on their toes, it cuts beyond the entertainment business. Common cleric, Chris Okotie, also had his fair share of 'beef' with Linda, when she published a story that the pastor who presides more than the Household of God Church supports Christians getting tattoos. Newly-married actress, Tonto Dikeh, was also not pleased with the sort of stories Linda Ikeji publishes about her. She took to her Twitter page to address the situation. She wrote, 'When will you develop up and find out? When really would you ever be pleased enough to ignore the hate you really feel inside? Veteran actor, Richard Mofe-Damijo (RMD), was incensed when Linda reported in 2012 that he built a N250million dwelling in Ikeja. Jim Iyke, as we all know, requires no prisoners when he's upset.

When Linda published a story that did not go down nicely with him, he tweeted, 'It's my deal with and my space. I do with it what I please. If that hermaphrodite witch, Linda and her lame workers never like it, then hug a transformer! Radio character and celebration pooper, Toke Makinwa, has also had some beef with Linda in the past. Toke after took to her radio show to say, 'I never think Linda Ikeji is a function model. Handsome actor, Yemi Solade, called out Linda immediately after she took photos of his household from his social media page and posted it on her blog. The actor was so enraged about her act and he place her on blast. He wrote, 'I posted photographs on Facebook and some funny Nigerians started writing stories from my pictures. Frontline cleric, Pastor E. A. Adeboye's son, Leke, also had grievances with Linda, following she published a story that his wife was pregnant. At the time of publishing the story, Leke and his wife had currently welcomed their child. He took to his Twitter page to write, 'We accomplished had the infant already. For actual gist, stick to me.

Not everybody have a bias for male offspring, pikin na pikin. X and Y theorem. Hers won the race. Re: Linda Ikeji And Her Loved ones Elegant In Portrait Image by olawaletimi(m): 6:44pm On Aug 05Jst one particular head compelled several heads to open a thread. Oh Lord pls make me Productive. Tough Perform with brain pays. Make we hear word jare. If you marry and by no means born boy, na so you go de do fasting and prayer for hubby head. Olodo, where have been you in biology class? Olodo, exactly where have been you in biology class? And how did you arrive at “single bread winner ”?

You may also like to study our write-up about The Exemplary Life Of Linda Ikeji To Young Ladies. When she was only ten years old, Linda Ikeji picked interest in writing. She wrote a lot of intriguing articles that her pals and families who have picked interest in her writing commended her hugely, which commendations spurred her to create the much more. In the year 2004, Linda Ikeji went into Journalism trade, and founded her personal media company, which she named Black Dove Communications. The company also runs as a modeling agency and does events management. You can also study Linda Ikeji Identifies With The Njiko Igbo Movement.

The most significant aspect of the project is that Linda promised to use her blog, which generates more than four million each day web page-views, to promote any organization she helps the girls to start off this way. All she wants in return for these gesture is just difficult perform from the girls.The most thrilling and remarkable aspect of the philanthropy is that Linda did set apart a whooping sum of N10, 000,000 for the project. Linda Ikeji in her own words told the story of what seriously inspired this project. The whole story is contained in her lindaikejiblog. The Phase two of Linda’s girls empowerment system 'I'd Rather Be Self Made' took place on Saturday March 12, 2016 at Surulere, Lagos, and the turn-out was enormous.

There were a lot more girls than Linda anticipated to see. The enormous turn-out of the Nigerian bevy of ladies, goes to show that there are lots of ladies out there with ambition, vision, talent and determination to succeed. These ladies need to have the push and support to get to exactly where they need to have to get to. Linda is at the moment carrying out the very best she could to assistance and also get the wealthy individuals in our society to get involved in the project. Linda is also working on setting up a Self Produced club exactly where the girls can interact on a common basis, study from each and every other, inspire and uplift every other. When the time comes, she would have volunteers who have succeeded in various firms and human endeavor come in as soon as in a month to train the girls and point-out the way for them.

Linda IkejisBlog is a web site on celebrity, entertainment, gist, gossip and news founded in between the year 2006 and 2007 by Linda Ikeji herself. At the time the blog started, it was creating much less than two hundred guests, but right now, millions of people today troop into the site on a daily basis in search of news, entertainment, celebrity gist, gossip and lots far more. I was receiving like 200 visits each day and for me back then, it was a fantastic deal, sincerely. It took the founder Linda Ikeji about 4 years of dedication in post writing to navigate the boat, LindaIkejisblog to exactly where it is right now. She in no way envisaged that the weblog which she began casually would nowadays be raking in millions of naira. I under no circumstances for when even believed that I could make income from blogging.

I didn’t begin blogging with the frame of thoughts that someday I would genuinely make cash from it. As a matter of fact, it under no circumstances even crossed my mind. I by no means mentioned to myself that, OK let me start off blogging now and perhaps in five years time, I would start to see the dividends. I never ever anticipated that it would ever happen at all. In 2008, 2009, I was putting free of charge ads on my blog, I was the one particular asking my weblog readers to please give me their advertisements to spot in my blog for them free of charge. Now in 2010, people began asking me about my advert prices and I was like ‘seriously? I’ve been dreaming about this automobile ever because I saw it two years ago, and I was ultimately in a position to pay for it two days ago, immediately after generating savings for almost 4 months. The most exciting component is that I have a blog to show it off.

Linda Ikeji biography / profile page. If you have been hearing of Linda Ikeji and her blog, you could possibly want to get in right here to know much more about Linda Ikeji the blogger. Right here, you will get to see her current pictures, her age, education and early life, her blogging profession, the awards she has won and many a lot more data about Linda Ikeji. Linda Ikejis is a blogger, entrepreneur, & former model. She is most effective recognized for the controversial celebrity stories she post on her blog. Linda Ikejis is from Nigeria, she is at the moment the highest paid blogger in Nigeria. Linda Ikeji was on 19 September 1980, so if you have been asking of Linda Ikejis age, as at the time of updating this page, Linda was 37 years. If you want to know Linda Ikeji’s current age, subtract 1980 from the existing and you will get Linda’s existing age. Linda Ikeji was born and raised in a Catholic loved ones from Nkwerre, Imo State. She is the second youngster. She began writing at the age of 10. She completed secondary school at the age of 17 and, at 18, enrolled at the University of Lagos, where she studied English language.