external pageMake Your Website More Panda Friendly The recent Google Panda update has lifted the bar not only for Search Engine Optimization specialists but also for web designers. It’s becoming rougher and tougher to rank well and that means that you just actually need to pay attention to all design and Google ranking variables.hobo-web.co.uk When we do this, search engines rewards us because we're rewarding our crowd and providing them with the advice and experience they're seeking. These points will help you to make your site panda proof:- 1.Content is key:The Panda algorithm update accentuates providing confidence just on sites that contain unique and useful content. This will help users better find content related to their hunt. If you supply website content that's unique, useful, high quality and rather 1000 words, your site will probably be rewarded with improved rankings and consequently, increased traffic. 6.Webmaster tools: It enables webmasters to get a much better notion of what Google “presumes” about their web sites, how the Google “spider” sees them, and what progress could be made. 7.Social media proof: Google Panda takes social media trends seriously and content that's adored by social media sites like Twitter and Facebook gets better position Backlinks In 2017 search engines. 2.Above the fold design: Narrowing your header pictures, removing header banner ad pictures and pushing more content onto the top of your website will help with Panda. 3.Web Page indexing: A site with more than 100 web pages and maximum pages indexed by Google would be regarded as a Panda favorable web site.seopressor.com 4.Page ranking: Page position remains one of the most important variables. PageRank is an unbiased measure of Google’s understanding of the quality/power/credibility of an individual web page. It will not depend on any particular search phrase. Google handily reports this as a number from 0-10 (10 being the best). 5.Check your Domain registration: Domain registration for five years helps to enrich power points. This really is a modest tip, but every little bit helps. 8.Optimize for Quick Load Times: Avert flash, single background images in the website. Google tends to favor sites which can be snappy, quick, and rapid.