A photographer arrives and begins coralling them right into a pose (see photograph above). I am wearing a drysuit (see beneath) which has rubber seals on the wrists and neck and will keep any water out. Because I lowered myself into the water off the back of the boat, my hair is not even wet. I am even more involved when one other crew member suggests I get again into the boathouse sharpish and wash my palms and face. We get by way of it eventually and Bill suggests we additionally do the Bong now so it could go back to base. Again in the boathouse there may be much more tea on the go and I'm very grateful for it. We depart them to it and head again to the boathouse to get on with our filming. Bill and that i put a number of quid within the RNLI collection field, and we head off, having made good time with the filming. I soar in - the digicam will get the reaction it needs, which is that gasp of shock you get from being submurged in a river with a temperature just a few degrees above freezing. We do some river shots, boat to boat and all that, and a piece to Digital camera (PTC). Despite this Corney Attain is a haven of residential tranquility with the only noise coming from the boats on the river and the planes (nonetheless at a good top) heading towards Heathrow. If you have never been there it's just off Corney Reach, which is just off Corney Highway, which is simply off the A316 on the Hogarth Roundabout, supposedly the busiest road junction in Europe.

leaf.tvThen I let my reporting colleague Marcus Powell use my editor for quarter-hour, when really I should have been in there. Then one of the crews of one of the boats (an E-class rib especially designed for use on the Thames) are available in trying suitably weatherbeaten and soon there's a deluge of tea being brewed and drunk. They then went into the newsbelt, every part calmed down and we buzzed by way of to the the director telling them we were able to roll. Issues that happen to you in the course of an unpressured dialog, and issues that you are advised can result in unearthing that great factoid which may become a prime line or telling statistic. Me lowering myself into the river is not nice telly. It is a chilly however beautiful day, Chiswick appears absolutely stunning and these guys receives a commission to save lots of individuals's lives on the river. The Chiswick lifeboat crew are having a Saunter Or Scamper from Teddington lock to Tower Bridge in full gear.

The workforce walking from Teddington arrive. Eventually they get going and i do a strolling interview with one of the crew, and get lots of nice photographs of men in full RNLI gear strolling down a picturesque a part of the Thames path. My boots, that are attached to the drysuit, are a measurement too large, and subsequently comprise a lot of air, so that they float as much as the surface and tip me again. I have been requested to do an as live for the 1.50pm bulletin which might be biked back to Gray's Inn Street (aka GIR, the ITN HQ) by a Despatch Rider (DR). Sadly the drive again to GIR was a nightmare. As quickly because the supervisor arrives we get down on one of many moored boats and do the as stay. I get hauled out of the river after about 3 minutes. We interview Wayne and movie some check calls to the Coastguard, engine revs etc. Then, at the tip, I film a PTC where I get into the river.

For those who've limited opportunities to get further cash when emergency needs come up, direct brief-term loans have many benefits. My palms, which have neoprene divers gloves on, start to get very cold. I am starting to get jumpy at this stage as we have not filmed anything (other than some “downtime” photographs in the boathouse) for the piece and now the males are having a serious pitstop. Not having wet hair looks half-arsed. So on Friday I rise up and put on my jeans and trainers, because I'm going to leap into the Thames in January and I don't want to do it sporting one among my suits. I went into the gallery to call the Supers or Astons (the live graphics which seem on the display screen to tell you the name of the person talking) stay (normally the timings are put in technical information in the script). Eventually I information him in and put the tape in his hand. They too are running late, as is the manager of the Chiswick lifeboat who is on his approach within the car.

A automotive picks me up at 9.30am and at 10.15am I'm chatting to Alan, the supervisor of Chiswick boathouse, simply behind Chiswick pier. Only one particular person I meet is a volunteer lifeboatman - the rest are paid, but the supervisor later tells me there are 51 volunteers attacked to the Chiswick boathouse and eleven full time staff - working 2 ribs. The boathouse supervisor, Wayne, is Canadian and appears a bit aloof, but he places two boats at our disposal and we exit onto the river. There is far moaning about blisters and the boathouse kettle will get a further bashing. There are lots of “well dones” from the cameraman and crew, as if I've achieved one thing. Thankfully the piece itself was well received and it did look actually good, because of the superb camerawork and being blessed with the fantastic light that comes from that blue sky and hazy winter solar being mirrored off the water. I swallow a little bit of water. He makes me a cup of tea and we shoot the breeze for a bit. The cameraman, the Legendary Invoice Jones, is working a bit late so I bag the last remaining parking area with a reserved signal that Alan gave me and wait for someone from the RNLI to turn up. We moor up and say goodbye to Wayne who has some duties to attend to elsewhere, and have a chat in regards to the last sequence. It ought to have taken half an hour and actually took an hour as a result of unhealthy site visitors.

We'll should do it once more, and this time I'll have to leap, and get fully submerged. Virtually everyone we met could not have been extra friendly or helpful and you really obtained the sense they knew how lucky they had been to have they jobs they do. I'll find out more tomorrow. I discover some antiseptic washing-up liquid and provides my hands and face a good wash. It's therefore perhaps not shocking everyone seems to be in a good mood. Everyone appears to be in a good temper. Though ideally we would be filming, this is a rare probability to search out stuff out that will probably be very useful when writing the piece's script. That is the annoying thing about an as live, especially one the place there is no time pressure, because you can start once more you usually find you keep mucking it up. I'm slightly involved when one grizzled crew member feedback he was slightly it was me than him. The boat ultimately returns and the crew drag me aboard.