What is Linda Ikeji’s net worth? What is Linda Ikeji’s net worth? How does Linda Ikeji’s home appear like? What is Linda Ikeji’s net worth? In her exclusive interview, Linda Ikeji has already opened all her secrets. So fans discovered out about Linda Ikeji mansion and Linda Ikeji’s vehicles, new Linda Ikeji’s variety rover, and Linda Ikeji’s new property. What is Linda Ikeji’s net worth? Linda is a famous Nigerian blogger. Recently she decided to go into music, so Linda launched her new Linda Ikeji’s studio. A lady is normally known as one of the most thriving bloggers in Nigerian entertainment business, a lady has become very influential blogger from Nigeria and the complete Africa.

Wizkid, who was incensed at Linda’s audacity for reporting the story which he wanted to keep under wraps, came for her with guns blazing. He was also ‘mad’ at her since she had published other unpalatable stories about him, like when he was allegedly provided a quit notice on the Lekki property he initially claimed he purchased. At the height of the social media war, Linda also replied Wizkid, calling him a kid, and claiming that she had never ever met him, and bore no grudges against him. She at some point reported him to the police authorities for threatening her life, and the police commissioner then got involved and urged them to live in peace afterwards. Based on the history among the two achievers, lots of identified it fascinating that they had been both nominated for the Personality of the Year at the 2016 MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA). They had been nominated alongside Caster Semenya, Pearl Thusi, and Pierre Emerick Aubameyang. It was indeed an epic battle among the personalities involved, as they all had legions of fans rooting for them. However, both Wizkid and Linda lost out, as athlete, Caster Semenya walked away with the trophy. Beyond the character award even though, Wizkid emerged the man of the night as he picked 3 other awards: Finest Male, Best Collaboration (which he won alongside South Africa’s DJ Maphorisa and DJ Buckz), and Artiste of the Year. Only time will tell.

Linda Ikeji was born in Nigeria on 19th September 1980. She is a Nigerian writer, entrepreneur, blogger and a formal model. Nonetheless, she is very best known for her weblog: lindaikejisblog.com. Linda started blogging in 2006 as a hobby. She started writing brief stories on subjects that interested her and uploading them in the nearest places she could access web conveniently. She was initially working with a Blogspot hosted subdomain prior to ultimately altering to an independent domain name: lindaikejisblog.com. In her weblog, Linda Ikeji mainly discusses challenges on fashion trends, politics, way of life, beauty, celebrity gossip and other Naija news. Blogging put Linda in the spotlight as her articles have been much more recognised by persons.

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She was featured in Forbes Africa 2012 as one particular of Africa’s most prominent females. She was also interviewed by BBC on the Concentrate on Africa Programme. Her achievement did not quit there as she became more well-known in Nigeria and the complete globe. In 2013, her weblog made her get an award for Best Entertainment Weblog in the Nigeria Blog Awards. In 2014, she was the most searched for individual and trend in Nigeria according to Google. On the other hand, just like a excellent road which will have to have bumps, Linda’s weblog also had a hitch on October eight 2014. This was when her weblog was shut down for undisclosed motives but later restored 2 days later.

It is believed that there had been complains that the blog was not following all the terms and situations and was beneath investigation just before getting restored. She also has non-profit projects benefiting young girls interested in entrepreneurship. Linda Ikeji has not had a smooth ride as she has angered some Nigerian celebrities with some of her articles. Such celebrities contain Funke Akindele, Djimon Honsou, Tonto Dikeh and Wizkid (the one which has created history). These celebrities claimed that her allegations about them are not correct and she drags their names on the ground in public eyes. This has been so far the largest conflict Linda has had with any celebrity. It began in 2015 when Linda claimed that StarBoy collected N8.9m to carry out at a gig but failed to show up. StarBoy retreated by saying that she should really have confirmed the allegations prior to posting them on her blog.

This did not end there, as Linda added much more coal to the fire by posting that Wizkid was lying to the globe that he owned his house. He was apparently a tenant in his up scale household. Wizkid did not take this properly and threatened to send his 16 year old cousin to beat her up. This prompted Linda to report to the police about the threat. She claimed that she was just performing her job when she posted that and she reported the matter to the police for the reason that she was only taking care of herself. This is when it all broke shed as other people also pounced on Linda. Ifedayo Agoro even refereed to some of her attitudes as getting driven by ‘poverty mentality’ where she felt the will need to post about her wealth and evaluate it with that of other folks.

Wizkid liked the post and commended Ifedayo for the ‘nice post’. In January 2016, Linda was at it again, writing about Wizkid’s alleged second youngster with Binta Diamond Diallo, an American model. Wizkid, disgusted by all these posts took it to social media in particular twitter exactly where he lashed at her with numerous imply comments. Linda did not sit down and watch but retreated with worse comments referring to Wizkid as a child. This has gone on for a although and though it is entertaining, the query would be who would come out of this more victorious? Comply with all the news about Linda Ikeji as it happens on this web page.

The Nigerian based Worldwide Networking Platform - Her Network has ultimately revealed the Official Nominees for their Inaugural Lady of the Year Awards (HNWOTY). The large reveal was performed lately via Instagram Reside by a choice of notable females leaders from across diverse sectors in the nation. The official nominee line up is representative of the diverse and unique female talent resident in Nigeria and the diaspora. Following a press statement from founder, Nkem Onwudiwe, on the illusion of glass ceilings and the reality of clear skies, Her Network team has revealed the theme for the celebrations as “Her Sky is Major Enough”. The theme is motivated by the need to have to remove unnecessary competitors and preach the gospel of community, collaboration and impact.

Hi guys, as you all have to have observed, Linda Ikeji Weblog has lastly left blogger after nearly 11 years of becoming hosted by the cost-free blog-publishing service. Do you guys like our new design? There's so substantially extra to study now, that is for confident. Hehe. But is there anything you never like about it? Any improvements you would like to recommend? Biko, aid us to be commenting nah, it makes the weblog additional exciting. But seriously, what do you guys assume of our new internet site? And if you are working with our mobile app to view the posts, please update the app on Playstore. Thanks guys, waiting for your feedback!

As opposed to most social items, Linda Ikeji Social didn’t start from scratch. It already has a batch of prepared customers - Linda Ikeji commenters - and it currently has content from Linda Ikeji’s blog. Seyi Taylor performs in media and technology in Africa. Here, he writes about Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji‘s new social media platform. There’s a lot of drama around Linda launching her own ‘social network’. Initially of all, let’s be 100% clear - this isn’t an addition to Linda Ikeji’s weblog. That anecdote (correct or not) about competing with Facebook cut to the chase incredibly speedily. Content material web pages are not competing against other content material web pages - they’re competing for consideration. And in that anecdote, Linda showed that she understood that the attention of her audience was being taken away by Facebook.

In contrast to most social solutions, Linda Ikeji Social didn’t get started from scratch. It currently has a batch of ready customers - Linda Ikeji commenters - and it already has content material from Linda Ikeji’s blog. That signifies that, even if all this ends up being is an extended comment section for Linda Ikeji’s weblog - it does not fail. It’ll usually be populated with content - from the weblog, and it’ll often have activity. It’s not the ‘proper site’ that ‘tech gurus’ have been asking for - it is additional. Nonetheless, it’s not clear that this will be a roaring accomplishment. There are a number of pitfalls that the project faces but even if they all handle to hobble this project, there’s no way this goes the way of the dodo.

Linda, for the 1st time considering that beginning in the media enterprise, is not employing the very best technology group or infrastructure in the planet. She’s substituted Google’s Blogger team - who handled safety, load balancing and updates on her behalf - for a regional developer who picked up the source code from Github. The distinction is already apparent. Customers were stuck outside waiting for their confirmation emails for just about half an hour. Some customers couldn’t even log in for hours due to, it appears, load. Response times for the social site are much slower than her weblog. She will have to locate help to fix this and scale the solution. She’s also going to obtain out that, at her size, hosting ain’t totally free. Linda Ikeij’s comments are very entertaining - partially mainly because the writers are anonymous (or pseudonymous).

Making a social network forces them to build profiles and cultivate followers - which in turn, could force them to reveal their identities. This could possibly imply a different type of interaction - which may well be great for the item in the long run. Everyone’s generating a major deal about paying users for submitting original content material. I’m not certain how this will work out in the extended run - there’s a ton of incentives to simply ‘make up’ stuff, and it is not as if Linda’s team has been the bastion of truth-checking. But I am interested in the thought of employing giveaways to drive usage. There’s a saying, ‘you either spend advertisers or you spend the users’. It is clear who Linda has decided to spend. WeChat is almost certainly the finest instance of this - one particular solution that has so quite a few items inside it, it feels so confusing.

And however it works. That was the considering between bringing Snapchat’s ‘story’ format into Instagram. It was supposed to be ‘too much’ and yet it functions. That’s how I really feel about the e-commerce bit tagged on to a social network tagged on to a social web page. It feels a lot like China. This could possibly be how Linda Ikeji’s customers could get to use e-commerce. In fact, it is secure to say that we do not know how this item will finish up simply because we do not know anything. We don’t know if Linda will be in a position to resolve her tech solutions. We don’t know for sure that persons will use it as extra than an advanced commenting method for Linda Ikeji’s blog. All I do know for confident is that it’ll be extremely hard for this to fail. 1st appeared on TechCabal. All Rights Reserved. Please use sharing tools. Do not cut, copy or lift any content material from this web page without having our consent.

Linda Ikeji is deservedly viewed as the queen of blogging. She began her profession about 9 years ago and now holds a top rated position in terms of blogging. In addition to her success and title as the most effective bloggers, Ikeji is also wealthy. If you count Linda Ikeji cars and take a appear at her beautiful mansion, we just have to be in awe of all the luxury. This effective woman has far more than six cars, but the most frequently-talked about are the ones she revealed in her weblog. Toyota Camry. This vehicle is the 1st in the collection, it was purchased in 2011 when the money just began to drip into the purse. Linda had long since dreamed of this purchase.

She revealed that she liked the spectacular appearance and interior design. Infinity FX 35. It was the very first SUV that gave Linda the status of “large girl”. In 2012-2013, the car, identified to be a favourite of ambitious guys, was purchased by this highly effective lady. This was the car or truck that told any one that she can compete with any man. In 2014, Linda Ikeji purchased a Range Rover Sport. This auto all of a sudden became preferred in the nation around that time. When persons identified out that car price N24 million, they actually went insane, some with envy and indignation, and others have been just surprised. This acquire was a testament to her high position, the result of hard operate and prosperity of the blogger's profession.