external frameexternal page Linda Ikeji has announced the launch of her social networking platform- Linda Ikeji Social (LIS). The conversation about LIS has been on for about a month now. However, the launch of the social networking platform may be a leverage on Linda Ikeji’s followers on her weblog and other social networking internet sites. According to her, LIS is an answer to her followers who only check out Facebook and her weblog.(Image: https://alexis.lindaikejisblog.com/photos/shares/5a19590ec2d7e.jpg) In August, Linda announced the creation of four new brands - Linda Ikeji Tv, Linda Ikeji Radio, Linda Ikeji Music and “LIS”. All positioned below the Linda Ikeji Media. These days, the LIS, which promises entertaining and rewards is launched and the media entrepreneur is one step closer to creating the media firm of her dreams.

(Image: https://alexis.lindaikejisblog.com/photos/shares/59f1d0e273a8e.jpg)The Linda Ikeji Social web site has a homepage which allows new users to create accounts on the LIS platform employing either e mail signup or Facebook signup options. Even so, numerous attempts to log in with my e-mail and Facebook accounts failed. Presumably, a lot of folks would be eager to use the new networking site and discover its special promoting points as advertised by Linda. According to Linda, Linda Ikeji Social will be a combination of news section, events section, offers section and similar capabilities presented on Facebook. Users who submit exclusive story - gossip - through LIS to be published on Linda’s blog will get paid ₦1000 per story. Linda’s choice to compete with much more established social networking platforms is rather intriguing. Possibly, this is her own way of reaching out to men and women and organisations to curate more stories for her weblog. With this move, Linda has taken a bold step into the globe of social networking. And in maybe in a handful of years, she may well grow to be Nigeria’s personal Facebook.

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She had also nurtured ambitions of meeting Adichie. Now they met, and she didn’t have to jump through any hoops for it to happen. Linda Ikeji is a snub.“ “Linda Ikeji is this.” ”Linda Ikeji is that.“ We all have our opinions and perspectives of her. Linda Ikeji loves money.” Some of us feel that, also. I met Linda Ikeji for the very first time at the then Club ten. I was introduced to her by a buddy, Ifeanyi Dike. She didn’t snub me. Years later, she could not recall that we met. Second time, we had agreed to meet at Eko Hotel.

We chatted for over two hours and went property. She presented to obtain me food. I was there when her two smashing sisters - Laura and Sandra - came. I left with a distinctive understanding. It is not her fault that you don’t like her. Some of us cannot deal! Nigerian writers do not like Linda Ikeji. What is their challenge? Can I safely say I was element of the group that secretly despised her for no purpose? We have been angry, because we didn’t comprehend how she could be doing pretty much same perform as us and then, had effrontery to invest in a Variety Rover.

Some would have stated ‘men’ give Miss Ikeji cash. I had heard different things about how she makes cash. In Paris, I came closer. I saw. I shook my head. I wept for the world that will in no way ever meet Linda and continue to judge her from afar. Life is not fair. A single particular evening, in her hotel room, at Hilton, one particular of the most pricey hotels in Paris, Linda almost grabbed my hair in uncontrolled anxiousness, because a post she had created on her weblog had disappeared. I didn’t really realize what the fuss was about, but I picked some thing: this lady is obsessed with her work and she knows what she is doing.

She by no means plays with her supply of income. Linda loves her readers! She claims she doesn’t care - Linda cares too much! She cares too much for anything! Seeking back now, in that room, I could say, Linda may perhaps not have a really social life, but she has a stunning life - she has the greatest sisters. They assistance her. They assist her. They share in her joy. Do I have her permission to share this story? I am not positive. But she shares a lot of things she is not supposed to, and that is element of her appeal.

I’m borrowing a leaf from her playbook. As she told me, on a specific evening, after returning from one particular of her many purchasing sprees, she stated: “On my 30th birthday, I had N800 left in my account. Linda’s story is like a fairy tale, I inform you. It is like, but it is not. She has had her fair share of turmoil, troubles and hustles. She has faced crushing rejection. She went round Lagos searching for sponsors. Some of those she sought for sponsorships in their offices can not have access to her anymore. Somehow, she disagrees with my assertions that this is vendetta. She is driven by the will to spend back lots of men and women, to succeed. I kept asking myself inquiries about Linda as we went to the mall to shop. I followed her everywhere. I wanted to comprehend her really properly.

Would there be a area to ask her queries? Linda is this, Linda is that! Sorry, Linda is not all these issues we have cooked up in our heads since the Linda Ikeji I spent adequate time with in Paris is: hardworking, gentle, reserved, careful with words, pays focus to information and doesn’t consume a lot. I had observed her jump from beneath her duvet and run straight to her weblog in the middle of the evening. She is disciplined and hardworking! Linda is the richest African woman I have met below 40. I have observed! But they are for my eyes, only.

I could not cease myself from writing that line! Now, let me get back to the writers. Linda Ikeji did not just seem from nowhere. Like the rest of us, she had been struggling in the dark city of Lagos, until her wheel of samsara turned. Her hard days ready her for this glory. When I started chatting with her by way of WhatsApp, her profile status said and nonetheless says: “I’d Rather Be Self Produced.” This will sound funny, but she doesn’t enable folks do anything for her. She booked her Initially Class flight ticket. She booked herself into Hilton. Linda and her sisters, Laura and Sandra came to Paris!

She shared intimate stories with me and encouraged me to locate that one particular thing that makes me pleased, that will also give me funds. It is not possible to hang out with Linda and leave without feeling something has been added to your life. Whilst Sandra and Laura have been shying away from consuming Nigerian food, Linda wanted it. The final 1, I goofed, I got back late with the food and she was not delighted, but she ate small and stated: “Onyeka, are you not going to consume? I took the meals and I ate from the exact same plate where Linda ate from and now, I’m hoping some mystery has been added to my life, also! Thank you, Linda, for not getting what they told me and what I had thought. Thank you, for your realness. Onyeka Nwelue is Assistant Professor of Literature at the University of Manipur, Imphal and Visiting Lecturer of African Studies at the University of Hong Kong. His newest book is Hip-Hop is Only for Young children.

This Month's Profiling Nigerians takes me to my friend and weblog partner Linda Ikeji. Entrepenueur Linda Ikeji, was born in 1980 in Imo State, Nigeria. She started to show interest in writing as early as ten years old. She pursued her passion by means of the university to study Mass Communication. Just after finishing her degree at the university she launched her media firm, Blackdove Communications, a modelling agency and events management outfit. By way of blogging innovation, passion driven method, and controversial gossipy stuff she became Africa's most well-known blogger. In the approach she became 1 of the richest blogger in Africa. When asked on her road to success 7 years later, Linda stated “You have to really like blogging.

You cannot say I want to blog since I want to make funds. It requires a stepping stone to get there. There are over a thousand blogs, but what will make people today love going to your weblog depends on the efforts you put into it. The blogger turned Author gave an insight about her initially book It Requires You, Linda mentioned “I hope far more than something else that absolutely everyone who reads this book learns one thing from it.(Image: https://i0.wp.com/thenet.ng/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Linda-Ikeji1.jpg) I hope it changes their perception of some issues and far more than something else I hope it inspires them to go out there and make something of themselves”.

(Image: http://alexis.lindaikejisblog.com/photos/shares/598a60a848bea.jpg)I got the most awesome present from Nokia currently. The latest Nokia smart-telephone, the Nokia E7 (Worth N120, 000), which is but to be officially launched into the Nigerian market place. The phone is the most remarkable gadget ever. It has a 4 inch touch screen and QWERTY, an 8mega pixel camera with HD video, a suite of Microsoft and free GPS navigation, 16GB Mass Memory, FM Radio, Music player and so lots of other fab capabilities. And Nokia gave me a customized Linda Ikeji E7 telephone, specially developed for me! I'm steadily becoming a VIP! Also, Nokia will be giving away the E7 to one lucky reader of my blog. The competition will start out in a handful of days, so watch out for it!

Today I will share with you a speech. Is it success or greatness? Vice President Osinbajo is a theatrically helpful orator, anytime, at any event when I listen to him, I get inspired by his speech irrespective of the topic. He confident has a way of capturing your thoughts no matter how tired you are, you will generally want to hear much more from him. Just when you believe you have heard the ideal speech, he comes up with yet another. But this one particular he delivered at the Lead City University, is believed-provoking. Osinbajo in his speech, reminds us all that time flies, and that people need to assume of what and how they have utilized it specially as it regards impacting the live of other people to make the planet a much better spot.

Here goes the speech: “I am honoured to have been invited to celebrate this particular day with you, the 10th Convocation ceremony of the Lead City University. I was 60 years old in March this year. And I ought to confess that it was a single of the greatest surprises I ever seasoned. I can clearly remember when I graduated I was 21 years old. How time flies. One particular of the most important lessons you will discover is that time flies.(Image: https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-55qUugIKVn8/WftKox51xAI/AAAAAAANIwk/3OZ_YfSU6SwQ8JF4S5M76Q0ldUFMULbAwCLcBGAs/s1600/bs.jpg) Whether or not you are wasting it or applying it effectively. There are a few other lessons I learnt along the way. Initial, I learnt that talent, an exceptional degree, even coming from a properly-off family may well not necessarily imply achievement and undoubtedly does not imply greatness. The distinction between good results and failure, mediocrity or excellence is character.