(Image: http://alexis.lindaikejisblog.com/photos/shares/5998350271b39.JPG)external site Linda Ikeji is the most celebrated blogger in Africa as of the time of writing this post.(Image: https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-epr32t_vwfs/Weh7i1jnADI/AAAAAAANFxE/2pcY2Q6L5I8-60lVfXRs5k-2TFNGk8Z9gCLcBGAs/s1600/IMG_20171014_171626.jpg) Linda is also known as one of the prime 10 most visited weblog on Nigeria. Linda Ikeji is a Nigeria blogger who began blogging early on time when blogging had been never ever understood in Africa. The blogger pas through the really hard time to turn out to be one of the thriving blogger. Linda left her modelling profession for her writing passion in 2007. In August 2012, Forbes Africa devoted itself to celebrating African females that month’s problem. In that issue, Forbes profiled Africa’s 20 Most Prominent Ladies and the situation featured profiles on two young Nigerian women: Linda Ikeji, as well as Chibundu Onuzo. Linda Ikeji was born on September 19, 1980. A neighborhood of Nkwerre L.G.A. Imo State, Nigeria. She was born a second of seven youngsters, 6 girls 1 boy, in a Christian catholic family.

external frameAccording to Linda, she start struggling at her age of 17. “It was early 2000, I was 19 years old, in my second year at the University of Lagos. I’d been a model for about a year and a half then. Modeling back then didn’t pay a lot. Often you consume, often you can’t come across food. At times you had money, at times you will have to beg for it. I’m not from a wealthy property. In 2016 Linda ikeji bought two-storey mansion in the exclusive Banana Island location of Ikoyi, Lagos. Beneath are photos of her mansion. Linda Ikeji’s Auto Pictures - What auto is the blogger employing. The celebrity blogger has three individual cars shown publicly. Variety Rover Jeep, Infinity Jeep and Honda Accord Car or truck.

Under are images of her automobiles. Linda is amongst the initial persons that began blogging. At of the time Linda began blogging there had been no considerably profit in blogging and Nigeria was not much open to internet. Linda Ikeji began blogging on entertainment, celebrity and gossip niche. She has been featured on CNN and BBC web-site severally. At of the time we are writing this post, the celebrity blogger is still single at of her age of 36 years plus. Having said that the blogger stated that there are a lot of males operating immediately after her but just hasn’t identified the correct man to settle with.

There are thousands of other blogs and web page generating much more cash than Linda Ikeji weblog in Nigeria, such as punch on the net, naij, jiji. But who produced the loudest noise is Linda. Patience: At the time she began blogging in 2007 world wide web usage was not this well-liked as it is now. She demonstrate the positive aspects of being patience. By no means give up in what you do, be it profitable or not at thw moment, just believe in oneself and what you do, that is who you are. Social: Linda has lot’s of audience on the social media’s, from what we can see, it basic to say she is an individual socially active and friendly. You could think about who have been her initial audience and where they where coming from considering that web usage was low in Nigeria at then. It not far from saying her households and good friends had been there for her when she began. Note that in all you do, your mates and family are your 1st fans. Be social, connected and never be ashamed to introduce who you are everywhere you go.

Indeed for millions of Nigerians, it is not confirmed gist till it has been picked up by Linda Ikeji. Her give back project, I’d rather be self created assists young girls along their road to entrepreneurship. Perez Tigidam is the publisher of TheNerve Africa, a global company and economic news platform covering continental Africa. Assume Financial Occasions, The Wall Street Journal or Bloomberg, and you commence to get an concept of the extent of Tigidam’s ambitions. The Nerve Africa got off to a attractive start with its December 2015 listing of the 20 most inspiring Africans and hasn’t looked back ever considering the fact that. Tigidam operates as the User experience and content strategy team lead at TheNerve Africa.

Linda Ikeji Social — How I wasted one particular hour of my day. Linda Ikeji launched a social network and everyone at the workplace had their strong opinion about it even from hunting at the landing page. No a single had successfully logged in at the time I began writing this quick piece. We have been scared of signing up with Facebook as the User interface appears a small dodgy since they tried not-so-difficult to clone the biggest social network. Ok… lets do this… I’m going in. But I have a comment here — It’s weird to have the notification text in all caps. So i click on the resend button one last time and the email nonetheless doesn’t go through.

Of course this essential feature was not tested. Hmmm… I will sign in with Facebook and critique my Facebook account security settings. THIS PLATFORM DOES NOT Function! It is either in beta or its a ponzi scheme to gather e-mail addresses. We located the screenshot below on the web for what the web page looks like when you are signed in and it is an utter mess. Even if the brand colour is red it does not imply that there really should have several hyperlinks all stacked up collectively in red. Is that a switch I see representing the log out button? The finest social networks that thrive have 70% organic content from your pals and 30% sponsored content material. That logo is a total shame. Oct 2016 CelebrityShow any material from the web page in publicAttend To NumbersLinda Ikeji's Weblog Has a Face To It

Linda could have quickly launched a neighborhood utilizing Discourse like we did with Zegist. I comprehend that when you have lots of following it is effortless to get totally free press coverage on what ever shitty product you roll out. We will need to let persons know when they have completed seriously badly and appraise good items. I have to have your opinion on what you think about Linda Ikeji Social. Subsequent quit: Profile photo, Somehow these developers think it is finest practice to have Linda’s face ahead of we add our profile pictures. So just like i expected it is a celebration of undesirable user encounter. Lots of red hyperlinks everywhere.

Veteran broadcaster and ‘king of speak shows’, Emma Ugolee who is suffering from kidney failure -has only words of really like for well known blogger Linda Ikeji who once again proved her longstanding friendship to him yesterday. Had been on the telephone earlier currently with ma sister appropriate here who was not too pleased with how I sounded. Accurate to her worries, I was rushed to the hospital on an emergency tip this afternoon. Calling to locate out if it felt any much better and realizing I had to dialyse, she froze function, ran to the hospital and actually stood on her feet subsequent to my bed till I was smiling. She left the hospital this late right after possessing remarkable material effect on dialysing sufferers and watching me stroll to my auto.. So going residence now am thinking. I adore you Linda Ifeoma Ikeji. God bless you for becoming a True pal.

(Image: https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-cw9mTvnCgUg/WdN6cmcuLWI/AAAAAAANCvA/wuA1B7Pc8YcNnR6vLe2eyYlONMiN9KnrgCLcBGAs/s1600/17.jpg)As you in all probability currently know, Linda Ikeji is expanding her organization to consist of four new brands - Linda Ikeji Television, Linda Ikeji Radio, Linda Ikeji Music and “LIS”. What’s LIS, you ask? We don’t know. All we got from Linda was “…there’s LIS which I hope will be my largest brand yet. Maybe even larger than LIB. What does that quote inform us, Watson? It tells us Linda is operating on one thing as huge as (“maybe even bigger than”) her blog. What else do we know? We know “LI” stands for “Linda Ikeji” (she’s quite predictable with names). All we want is to figure what the “S” signifies.

Alright, Watson. Let’s get guessing. Nigeria has a lot of “upcoming artistes” and there’s definitely sturdy demand for studios, and with a gossip blog, having the word out about these artistes would be extra simple. Getting your own flock of Tiny Birds to get gist for you (not unlike Lord Varys) is a good way to manage an “information business”. Possessing your own school offers you the opportunity to train your birds, seeing as you’re a veteran in the company.(Image: https://i1.wp.com/www.vanguardngr.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/linda-ikeji.jpg?resize=350,200) Lots of expertise to share. I’m just going to get in touch with this one Gossip as a Service (GaaS). Exactly where all brilliant ideas get constructed and all brain farts go to die. Come rest your head…if you can. Eyes everywhere. Nobody’s secure. Linda may possibly be thinking of going into style. How is this connected to a media organization? Why, all visual media outfits use costumes. Okay, I’m all out of steam. If you have a lot more ideas, hit me up.

This girl is OLD. I seriously mean it, Linda Ikeji is OLD. She has an indigene look and smile. Yes she combines costly items nicely but i cant see any frosh look in her. That most likely explains why she has refused to study from a person like Bella Naija who is more specialist and mature. The far more you go out of your way to flaunt, the much more you are exposing your insecurity. That line about an empty barrel? Wonder how daughters of people like Adenuga, Tinubu, Otedola, Okoya, Subomi, Rabiu, Dangote and other humble billionaires react when they see stuff like this. The girl just does not have the tendency to be liked. Using her blog to market my brand is not the same as liking her, thats a mutual enterprise relationship with a income miss road. Abeg you Linda Ikeji, face reality. Pray and fast to obtain a man you will share your life with.

Complete Name: Linda Ifeoma Ikeji. Origin: Nkwerre L.G.A. Imo State, Nigeria.. Occupation(s): Blogger, Writer, Model. Years active: 2008 - present. Linda Ikeji was born on September 19, 1980. An indigene of Nkwerre L.G.A. Imo State, Nigeria. She was born into a family with a seriously humble background, and is the second of seven children. She was raised in a Christian catholic residence as effectively. At a very tender age of ten years, Linda started a hobby of writing. The fiction she wrote have been commended by her loved ones and close friends. As time went by she developed a passion for news. Diverse from most teenagers her age, Linda Ikeji cherished listening to news, watching newscasters and interviews, and when the chance came to study at the University in Lagos, she chose into Mass Communication. Nonetheless, to her disappointment, she was admitted to study English Language.