external frame Linda Ikeji net worth is rising daily as this entertainment blogger has gone far in her profession to attain this stage.(Image: https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-oRoY-lyG6OU/Wh59BgNJ9RI/AAAAAAANN6A/is9pR4lmnekWVAWgsHxDmZ0JW9O1D5hHgCLcBGAs/s1600/IMG_20170929_141729-1.jpg) I think she now knows greater. Though some think that she worth so substantially, other people assume it is just a sham, how could a mere blogger worth something. Properly, the facts you are about to read will settle all the arguments when and for all. Linda Ikeji has automobiles and a mansion in Banana Island. Right here, I wouldn’t just mention figures, we are going to inform you precisely how we arrived at the figures so that your thoughts will be place to rest when and for all. First, we gathered significantly facts about her acquisitions.

(Image: https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-sdOKIo-gD_8/WdHpFe65lOI/AAAAAAANCZk/f_pBG7taXiQL5i9-bYQujWJXxAis4f39wCLcBGAs/s1600/SMC_AW17_BCA_Social-Square_1.jpg)She had spent about N50million collectively on cars both the ones for herself and the ones her household members, and a further N300 million for two homes for her parents. Even so, we didn’t base our calculations on these given that majority of the properties had been acquired as gifts to her loved ones. Nevertheless, it gave us concepts as to her true worth. For someone to obtain 5 automobiles and two homes within a year, that individual have to worth so significantly! Linda ikeji good results story is inspiring though. Secondly, we calculated Linda’s weblog earning primarily based on her at the moment verifiable advert prices and the Adsense income. Linda Ikeji weblog is at the moment receiving far more than 500,000 each day pageviews. From the above calculations, you have noticed that Linda Ikeji is conservatively generating -N31,737,750 monthly. Armed with the above information and facts, it is now straightforward for us to arrive at her present net worth.

external siteSo, we decided to engage the solutions of our in house web site visitors appraisal professional. Could have worth much more if the name is a top level domain name, which it actually is today. Finally, even if Linda is the most extravagant spender in Nigeria, she will nevertheless have nothing significantly less than N500 million cash correct now, which represents just 2013 and 2014 earning minus total expenditures. Million in 2015. At present, Linda Ikeji has established her social media platform, Television, studio and other startups. The social media platform, “Linda Ikeji Social” has also its App., she has a music web site known as Linda Ikeji Music had been she helps upcoming artistes in Nigeria to be promoted. Her full names are Linda Ifeoma Ikeji. She was born in the year 1980, on the 19th of September. She's a news blogger, entrepreneur, writer and ex-model. She's regarded as the Queen of blogging in Nigeria. Linda Ikeji was born into a Catholic household from Nkwerre in Imo State, Nigeria. She had a flair for writing at the really early age of ten. Wise as she was, she rounded off secondary college at 17. When she turned 18, she applied at the University of Lagos (UNILAG). She's a graduate of English Language. Range Rover Sport (2014 Supercharge)Seriously Sweet Items To Say To A GirlHonda Accord (Evil Spirit)Honda Civic 2010Sexual Questions to Ask A Girl

I enjoyed the complete practical experience for the reason that I loved to write. That has constantly been my passion. Even though developing up I wanted to be a journalist. Then one particular day I told myself that I can as properly begin mine since I liked the blogs so a great deal. It took three minutes to get started a weblog and that was how I began blogging. Some may want to know at what point that Linda Ikeji blog began paying off? Linda Ikeji: When you are passionate about some thing, you place your all in it and that was what I did. I started blogging regularly and passionately till 2010. It by no means occurred to me that I have built a lot of followership in that time and brands had been watching. By the end of 2010, I had thousands of individuals following me and I under no circumstances knew it would translate to cash.

The 1st time a company approached me to spend to post one thing, I located it quite strange. I didn’t know that men and women like Bellanaija and Sahara reporters have been charging. I had to ask a buddy to send me an advert rate. It was in January 2011 that I had my own advert price and I started sending it out to people today. By February, folks began paying me and since then, it’s been great. Between the time you began and when you began receiving paid, was there a time you wanted to give up? Linda Ikeji: Yes there have been a lot of instances, I wanted to give up.

I had negative instances back then but the worst was in September 19, 2010. It was my 30th birthday. I was broke, I was angry because I have been performed carrying out modeling in a extended time. I was still struggling, I was still borrowing dollars, I was depressed for the reason that I felt like a failure. I will cry and cry but will nonetheless open my laptop and blog. I didn’t know that my breakthrough was at the corner and that God was top me to it. Just after my 30th birthday, my life virtually changed. You have blogged a lot of news good, unfavorable and controversial particularly about artistes. For example Wizkid, what is your connection with them?

Linda Ikeji: I don’t want to speak about Wizkid. I have a cordial relationship with a lot of entertainers. I have had run-ins with a couple of of them but in recent instances, I haven’t. It was when I was a bit carefree and careless with the stories I write. In a year now, I have not had any major situation with anybody. How do you deal with it when they threaten to sue you? Linda Ikeji: The only individual I have threatened was wizkid. Their threat does not scare me mainly because I think I do much more good for them than negative. And they acknowledge that.

Some of them are my close friends. Some of them have been to my property, some of them are on my WhatsApp chat. The negativity that comes with blogging is fine. I imply, it is blogging, you write about men and women. Some people today may perhaps take offense some will react in diverse strategies. I have been undertaking this for ten years and if by now I am not made use of to back lash, then I should get out of the company. If you are asked what you make in a year, what will you say? Linda Ikeji: I can't tell you what I make in a year.

Many are speculating that Linda is the richest blogger in Nigeria, how accurate is that? Linda Ikeji: About getting the richest blogger in Nigeria, I will most likely agree. Why I agree is for the reason that I talk with a lot of clientele and advert agencies and they say that when they bring out an online strategy for advertisers, 98% of them decide on me. That indicates 98% of individuals who advertise on the web, advertise on my blog. They decide on me and others. So I think in all honesty and modesty, I make more cash than most. Not much more than Punch and Vanguard but frequent blogs. In terms of your news reporting, what lessons have you learnt from your blogging expertise? Linda Ikeji: It has thought me to be careful for the reason that as much as you feel that you know, there are persons who have in-depth expertise of the story.

From time to time I put up a story and I read comments, from the comments, I go back to make some corrections because there are people who knowledgeable it firsthand. From the feedback you get, do you feel loved or hate? Linda Ikeji: It is a combination of each. I attempt as considerably as attainable to hold onto the really like and don’t pay focus to the hate. I have grown a thick skin to when individuals say vile points about me. I just laugh more than it because they do not know me. Have you lost any important friendship because of what you do?

Linda Ikeji: No, not seriously. What about the time people said that you took cash from Dasuki? Linda Ikeji: I didn’t make a huge deal out of the Dasuki challenge because it was overwhelming. A friend known as me and told me to calm down. I mean, I bought a property on Banana Island for half a billion folks can't wrap their thoughts around it. So they will assume you got it from someplace else. Up till the news broke about Dasuki, I have in no way heard of him. I under no circumstances dealt with anyone. I never ever collected money from any one. The funds I collected was PDP and APC for adverts. It was a handful of millions. I know that I am not guilty of something, if not EFCC would have place me in their custody. So when I hear such stories, I can comprehend exactly where they are coming from.

(Image: https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-VHFqpI8zwcw/WQrVrAyP_bI/AAAAAAAA01k/aqXWUZPkYcgvHMTPFhfqNgdYx5enc70YgCLcB/s1600/linda-ikeji-uche-odinkwa-wed.JPG)They don’t comprehend how on line blog can give me such cash but those who deal on line will inform you that I can afford to get that house twice. When you get married, what will take place to that house in Banana Island? Linda Ikeji: I will move to the man’s house. As extended it is not a 3 bedroom flat in lekki. My parents will be there. You are transforming from a blogger into a full media owner, do not you consider you are taking on rather as well a great deal, why not take it a small bit at a time? Linda Ikeji: I have been a blogger for ten years, I am bored, I want to do some thing else. I am 36, this is the time I have the power and passion to run this.

I delegate, I have employees now. I have more than 30 people today that perform right here so they are the ones operating all of these. I don’t limit myself at all. I believe there is certainly practically nothing I can not do. I get like six hours a day. I sleep five hours in the evening. People think you do not create damaging stories about your mates? Linda Ikeji: That is not true. If I write negative stories about people today, I won’t be right here speaking. I will be hiding someplace mainly because I get a lot of stories. I would rather they take a picture with me when they see me than threaten me.

I make income from writing optimistic stories so why should really I concentrate on adverse stories. You released a video on your birthday talking about some private stuff, what influenced that? Linda Ikeji: It is now that I want to marry. I didn’t want to marry earlier. I just got emotional a bit and it was my birthday and I just wanted to get things off my chest. It was my birthday as I wished I was married. But do you get proposals? Back then and now, how are the proposals coming? Linda Ikeji: I have normally had proposals. Folks say when a lady is thriving, males run away, it’s a lie.

That is when they chase you the additional but unfortunately, I have not observed what I am looking for. Males are not scarce.(Image: https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-TWa1YZaUdLU/WWyEXxDerrI/AAAAAAAM1u8/XwNTBlkmshMkKli5S-b7vNMM7vQvNl8kACLcBGAs/s1600/z.png) It is the variety of males that I am seeking for that is scarce. I want a man that I can appear up to. I want someone that inspires me. I want a man that will push me to achieve far more. I want someone who has achieved some achievement in his personal profession. An individual I can learn from. I am inspired by thriving persons. I can not wait to meet a person like Tyler Perry. So you can not marry a poor guy? Linda Ikeji: No I can't marry a poor man.

(Image: http://www.nairaland.com/attachments/3779587_1261669438076487002304950256_jpegb51090e1f81fee68899fc73cde6191b3)He does not have to be overly rich but he will have to be productive in his personal career. When I was 30, my requirements had been incredibly high. I was so focused on work. I have been so ambitious. I was not focused on marriage and children since I know that would draw me back. It is just lately that I told myself that ‘Linda, you are 36, 4 years to 40. What are you performing? At 30, I had a extended list of how I want my would-be-husband to be. When I turned 35, I reviewed the list and not, there are only three selections on the list.