We generally find out about celebrities’ appreciate affairs and gossip from Linda Ikeji weblog. But what about the private life of this well-known woman? Soon after all, she is so lovely, thriving, and talented. It is just impossible not to fall in love with such a lady. The last couple of months her fans and blog audience have been discussing an intriguing question: are Linda Ikeji and Don Jazzy dating? There’s hardly any individual in this country who do not know who is Linda Ikeji. Her career developed extremely rapidly and produced her a single of the wealthiest bloggers in Africa. Don Jazzy is also a effective figure in show business. He is a prime producer and founder of the music label, Mavin Records. These couple are worthy of every other. Folks that have the very same level of good results are more probably to have a excellent connection.

Don Jazzy and Linda Ikeji together: true or false? Each of them are among the most talked about singles. It’s not surprising that the public is trying to force them to get married. On the other hand, most rumours about them becoming with each other have been primarily based on unconfirmed reports. All that is known is that Don Jazzy invited the gorgeous blogger to act in a film based on a script he wrote. Maybe he was inspired by the example of Banky W, who got closer to his lover though on set. At the beginning of the year, Linda mentioned that she requires a trustworthy man with whom it is achievable to build a really serious relationship. In addition, Don Jazzy hinted at his warm feelings to Linda back in 2014. At the time, there had been also rumours that they had been dating.

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A buddy of the Don, Hero Daniels, also joked that they went to Linda’s workplace to ask for her hand in marriage. Of course, fans really liked this concept and began to spread the story. At the similar time, we will have to not lose sight of certain facts that could possibly decrease the chances of the possibility of this partnership. When it comes to the challenge of Linda Ikeji boyfriend, there is a possibility that a person is currently in her life. It was reported that she could be obtaining married even by the end of this year. This substantially reduces the Don’s probabilities of good results. Effectively, on the other hand, for fans of the blogger this is nevertheless great news.

If this is actually accurate, we will still be pleased for her. Let’s hope we learn more about this mysterious person soon. If there really was an attraction in between Linda and Don, they would have definitely gotten closer. Gossip about them has been going on for quite a few years, and they are all based by insignificant hints. There is a high probability that, in fact, there is no chemistry between the two, and fans unite them in their imagination due to the fact they like Don Jazzy and Linda Ikeji will appear great collectively. Though this may possibly not be a critical obstacles, many fans believe that Don Jazzy girlfriend need to be quiet, homely and versatile, and not as busy and independent as Linda.

Two social persons seldom have time to construct relationships. Possibly every of them needs a lover who will devote considerable time to support rather to the partnership than to personal corporations. Linda is no less busy than Don. Not all males like it when their girls are independent and prosperous. Even so, none of the above-described guesses can be for positive. The story is complete of mysteries. These man and woman are of about the very same age, clearly quite friendly with every single other, and appear to get pleasure from setting fire to the gossip flames. Only time will inform what will come of it. We want them each superior luck individually and as a couple if that’s ever confirmed!

According to her Twitter account, she’s creating a new internet site. Although she has this big name and she can get a new website, it’s like trying to rebuild soon after your residence burns to the ground. It will take some significant work and there’s no way you can recoup all your losses. But fantastic luck to her on that. My boy Folabi (@Folabi24) had this gem to drop and it is so apt. Goes back to what I call our orientation in that part of the world. I get in touch with it ‘African Store Mentality.’ Check out numerous of these so-called African Shops they are seldom well maintained, even when they make decent earnings. And then when the city or what ever government comes and slams their organization with fines, they’d cry foul, that “this white folks are evil,” or that their jealous enemies have applied juju to undermine their small business. As it with with government, so it citizens. An oil-rich Nigeria with poorly maintained oil refineries so bad it has to import her personal refined gasoline. Linda is out there throwing out missives about jealous opportunists who reported her and who bought-up all out there variations of her name online, from .COM, to .ORG, etc. The carelessness is hers. That’s a great way to close this. Sound off and let me know your thoughts (respectfully). Update: the blog is now back up as of the evening of October 9. Having said that, I nevertheless stand by all the things I say right here.

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