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 ====== The ComicRack Wiki ====== ====== The ComicRack Wiki ======
-Welcome to the ComicRack Wiki pages! This wiki is used to provide documentation for the ComicRack eComic Reader. ​+Welcome to the ComicRack Wiki pages! This wiki is used to provide documentation for the [[http://​comicrack.cyolito.com|ComicRack eComic Reader]]
-Please help building and extending this Wiki.+Please help building and extending this Wiki (you have to login with your username and password)This Wiki can only be as good as you and other ComicRack users are making it. Please contribute!
-====== Main Topics ======+You can also read and update the current [[ReadMe.txt]] that ships with ComicRack. Future builds of ComicRack will ship with this version.
-[[:Quickstart|Quickstart]]+The downloadable and complete ComicRack Manual is available ​[[http://​comicrack.cyolito.com/​downloads/​ComicRack/​Documentation/​|here]].
-[[:Reading eComics|Reading eComics]]+This is a super intuitive program that is really pretty amazing.
-[[:Managing eComics|Managing eComics]]+===== Quick Guides =====
-[[:Tips & Tricks|Tips & Tricks]]+Here are some quick guides to get you going with ComicRack.
 +[[guides:​Tips & Tricks|Tips & Tricks]]
-====== Plugins ======+[[guides:​Creating WebComics]]
-[[:Using Plugins|Using Plugins]]+[[guides:State Indicators]]
-[[:Developing Plugins|Developing Plugins]]+[[guides:Setting A Full Screen Interface]]
 +[[guides:​Using a shared database]]
 +===== Main =====
 +The main hubs for this Wiki are:
 +[[gui:​start|ComicRack User Interface]]
 +[[guides:​start|ComicRack Guides]]
 +[[developer:​start|Developing Extensions]]