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-====== ​The ComicRack Wiki ======+====== ​A happy day in Ferrari Land Abu-Dhabi with a rental car ======
-Welcome to the ComicRack Wiki pages! This wiki is used to provide documentation ​for the [[http://comicrack.cyolito.com|ComicRack eComic Reader]]+Merriment ​is not about enforcing yourself ​to enjoy what you don’t like. Well, a ravishment can be flying in air being a human or being invisible in front of others even you are not a ghost. It seems to be shocking only listening up. If it happens then it would be your great story to share with anyone. Yes, it is possible only and if only you are in “Ferrari Land, Abu Dhabi”, a wow, stunning, a hurrah! A place for kids and families in Abu Dhabi Dubai. Yes, you are heading to Dubai and you have a preplanned list of things to do. So, you come out of the airport you will not take a second chance to follow your list up. All you need to be practical on decided things. A mind click idea for your transport to reach your hotel reservation because you need relaxation, you will prefer to rent a car dubai (https://rentalcarsuae.com/) according to the budget you have managed before arrival. It promises you the best relaxation.
-Please help building ​and extending this Wiki (you have to login with your username/password).+**About Ferrari Land** 
 +It is an amazing bliss land based on a ravishment park on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It is first Ferrari; a branded theme park which is consists of largest occupied space for framing structure. This Land has won many awards for, “Middle East’s Leading Tourist Attraction” in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. 
 +**Rides and Attractions 
 +Ferrari crew and mascots:**  
 +Almost at 11 o’clock the park opens with saying a good morning theme of show and dance performance of the Ferrari cars and sporty crews. It was a blissful smile to start your day at the park. 
 +**Formula Rossa:** is the greatest roller coaster in the World exists in Ferrari Land. It was launched in November 2010. 
 +Ferrari Land pictured replica of the streets in Italy. You will feel vibes of old Rome Rulers of Italy are standing with you at that very place made for visitors ​to admire; a Galleria of Italy rulers. The place is very admiring. 
 +Flying Aces, another coaster currently launched in February 2016 with long and endless flume which is another family swinging flow notoriously made for fun lovers. Such Aces is going Dubai a lot of visitors back every year when they will have a bombarded fun out there in Land. This track seems to be a great fun as it has to blast speed round about 0 to 240km/h in 5 seconds. 
 +One of the benefits of coming so early is that you don’t have to stand for so longer lanes or queues to enjoy the rides
 ===== Quick Guides ===== ===== Quick Guides =====
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 [[guides:​Quickstart|Quickstart]] [[guides:​Quickstart|Quickstart]]
 [[guides:​Tips & Tricks|Tips & Tricks]] [[guides:​Tips & Tricks|Tips & Tricks]]
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 [[guides:​State Indicators]] [[guides:​State Indicators]]
 +[[guides:​Setting A Full Screen Interface]]
 +[[guides:​Using a shared database]]
 ===== Main ===== ===== Main =====