I was just at Chimney Rock Labor Day Weekend. I wonder why these beings selected to reveal themselves on that specific day at Chimney Rock? I ponder what they have to say about microscopic organisms? I'll must look into that for sure. I do know they're not dragonflies though they almost appear like that but they're too fast to be dragonflies. All based mostly upon my own experiences nevertheless it was not until my non believing husband (who is Native American)woke up in the midst of the night and was compelled to look out the window. I didn't know about the Native American beliefs both. I did not know that different cultures had fairies in them that weren't European. The description of said fairies sounds eerily much like tales about enchanted beings I used to be informed as a toddler. They'd an elderly housekeeper who informed them that fairy sightings had turn into uncommon as the factories and industrialization of the realm chased them away. Wow, superior. I'd really love to go to Chimney Rock myself and see what form of magick covers that whole space.

The Chimney Rock area is a conducive area for paranormal sightings most likely due to the make-up of all the big rocks everywhere, i don't know for sure however that's a possibility suppose. Dolores - Okay, thanks for letting me know about their bio. I know it all sounds crazy to non-believers (as it did my husband) but trustworthy this happened. Nothing out of the strange occurred except I noticed a very awesome waterfall. After I researched a little bit I discovered that the Native Americans in all areas saw these little guys. I really like studying about Native American lore. I like hearing about synchronicities in myths and lore of fully totally different cultures. Monkeyshine75 - Appears like fairies to me! It sounds such as you and your husband are each very spiritually in tune with nature and the earth. Yes at one time winged people roamed the Earth in mass groupings. Had a time with which one to learn first Kitty, this story or your new one on the Georgia haunting. First when she was a little woman, she claimed she saw a wonderful glowing woman carrying a wonderful white gown beside an previous tree exterior their home. I love sitting outdoors and simply watching the animals and bugs and simply listening to all the sounds of nature.

I love the power I get from spending time outdoors. I additionally found out that around the identical time my husband saw this man, he and others have been being noticed by others within the mountain range through which we dwell. Assuming you order quickly, you additionally nonetheless have time to choose up a streamer with which your cherished one can actually enjoy these companies. It is our little one which we should sustain with. I completely believe in little people, fairies and all of that. Thanks Kittythedreamer I never would have thought they were Fairies that came in that night time because they had been so scary and that i sensed they were evil/dangerous. When I used to be very small, round four years previous, there have been two very small beings surrounded by mild who came in by way of my bedroom window one evening. The Fey are a totally totally different species of beings than angels. Each of your hubs on little persons are attention-grabbing and properly- written. I actually really feel that folks have suffered from a lack of engagement within the natural world. Some would possibly snort at the Cherokee legends of “moon-eyed people” and such however we're not laughing are we. Thanks, ThompsonPen. There may be so much synchronicity in legends everywhere in the world, and even so with the legends of fairies. It's undeniable that some part of those legends must hold some reality.

It begs the query of whether or not or not there may be fact to them. As for changing into too concerned in the modern world, it's a sad fact. I feel that our loss of the natural world has interfered with our beliefs in these previous tales, that we've got grow to be too concerned in the trendy world and have lost something because of it. Definitely a risk. I wouldn't rule it out, there a many places on this world which have yet to be found. I believe there was way more magic to be felt and seen on this world before industrialization and know-how took over. Enelle - Thanks so much. Thanks for commenting, Lilleyth. DFiduccia - Thanks so much. I only have one, so I won't be shedding a lot at this point! Nevertheless, they have other ways of constructing themselves recognized. I not only imagine in them, I have a clan, family, tribe – no matter they name their little group – that dwell with me.

I used to be extremely afraid of them because of their dimension, and tried to place my pillow over them, however they bought away. Though I could not breathe I pulled the cowl over my head, and stayed there, terrified. As just lately as yesterday as I sipped my espresso in my porch I was scanning the flower beds and the vines that nearly cover the display for little folk. I would love to hear more, good friend! I love articles about unexplained mysteries, and these had my attention. I would like to get a shot of it however they only don't sit still lengthy enough. Good article Kitty and in case you and the household get a chance definitely test the park out, its an superior place. If I don't get my nature “fix” even when it is within the hammock below a tree in my yard, I turn into anxious and depressed. So it is smart that he was at our tree and in out ashtray. MonkeyShine75 - Should you research the origins of fairies and what our European ancestors believed about fairies, you'd see that fairies weren't all the time considered “good” or “evil” but had been either neither or each. Always good to see your face on here.

We call them Engkantos here in Ph, that means the enchanted ones. My favourite are the electric blue ones. Included in our holiday gift information are all the standard suspects: Apple Music, Amazon Prime, Netflix in UHD, Hulu, Sling Television and HBO Now. As a matter of fact I have been there a couple of instances, and well I'll simply say the reports usually are not without credibility. I see them lots that manner, as nicely. Kitty, nice to see an article written to the Chimney Rock “critters” or “fairies” as they're referred to as by locals. These floating fairies you wrote about remind of the fairies within the Magicians television sequence, all carrying white and no wings. What he noticed he described as a leprechaun with dreads, wearing a long t-shirt and moccasins. I noticed a vivid pink dragonfly right now and questioned if it wasn't a fairy who had shapeshifted! A bright pink dragonfly? The proof is in this article. I have been to Chimney Rock, having lived within the Carolina's, and wish now I had data of this event. I find it humorous that simply because science hasn't proven one thing that that might warrant others to name it foolish.