(Image: http://media2.picsearch.com/is?JaiRoFoHAwmo-CJxmGnhQVZyaYGmZfCvN_bTa5P6ZWM&height=224)You or someone you know can be one of the millions of people affected by the rash of lead-laden product recalls that happened in 2009. Things like toys, jewelry, fishing poles, and shoes are lead contamination. Here is a brief overview about lead and its properties, as well as the effects of lead on your body and health.

Lead is a pure element with the atomic number 82. A metal is used in a number of everyday items, such as construction material, bullets and shot for guns, and radiation shields. Although lead is not a very strong conductor of electricity, it is extremely resistant to corrosion and is malleable, which makes it a very useful element for a number of different manufacturers.

As beneficial as lead may be, it also has a dark side. Exposure to lead, especially for a long period, ActiPotens situs web resmi can lead to lead poisoning. This metal can be absorbed through the skin, http://shihan.com.ru/modules.php?name=Your_Account&op=userinfo&username=MoraBattle via inhalation, or through ingestion by swallowing. Just as simply click the up coming site helpful metals utilized by the body, such as zinc and manganese, lead is easily transportable throughout your system.

However, lead harms whatever part of the body where it ends up. One large exposure to a lead source can cause acute toxicity, whereas long-term, small but continuous amounts of exposure are called chronic toxicity. Either way, its poisonous effects are terrible.

When it is being carried throughout the body by the bloodstream, lead inhibits blood cells' ability to carry oxygen. Oxygen is imperative to the functioning of your cells; without it, they cannot create energy for themselves to build products, move around, and reproduce to create healthy new cells. However, the blood will usually deposit lead to specific part of your body.

If lead is placed in your bones, a number of problems result. Bones do very more than just provide structural support for your body. For instance, blood cells are produced by stem cells in bone marrow. Lead buildup can interfere with this production system, as well as prevent your bones from absorbing calcium. Calcium is necessary for a number of functions, such as keeping your bones and teeth strong, as well as promotes healthy nerve synapses.

Other symptoms of lead poisoning include:

Decrease in muscle and bone growth

Difficulty with speech and language skills

Loss of or poor muscle coordination

Kidney problems

Hearing impairment

Nervous system issues

Seizures and loss of consciousness

Because lead is so dangerous, it is important to watch out Elixir for Health מבצע lead recalls, and be aware of the symptoms of lead poisoning in the case of accidental absorption. If you believe you have suffered personal injury due to negligent lead poisoning, check out Austin personal injury lawyer Vic Feazell today.