Tuesday August 04 , 2015
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Why should you donate and support ComicRack?

Hundreds of hours of work have been put into ComicRack to make it the best, most versatile and simply the most fun to use comic reader in the world.

Starting out as a pet project for myself it has evolved into what you currently see, a multi language application with it's own web site and support forums, simply put a place for the ComicRack community.

So if you think ComicRack adds value to your life, give something back. 10,000s of downloads and usually an average of €10 donations a month do not really fit together. It's not about getting rich (as you can estimate from the above value), but it is about justifying the time and work put into this and also the feeling that there is some worth in it.

So please help to keep this project running.

All donations are processed securely via PayPal.
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