Monday August 03 , 2015
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Why should you donate and support ComicRack?

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Android FAQ

This is a small documents with answers to some common questions about ComicRack for Android (CRA).

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General Questions

This article tries to answer the most common questions about ComicRack.

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ComicRack Tips & Tricks

This is an unsorted list of some tips and tricks for ComicRack (You may also call it the list of hidden features so hidden, that no one finds them :))

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How to use ComicRack as a PDF eBook reader?

You have a bunch of eBooks in PDF format and want to manage and read them in your favorite Comic Reader?

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How to use library sharing with firewalls?

ComicRack does only share libraries in your local network, so there's no broadcasting to external machines (read Internet). This means you do not have to change any firewall settings on your router (if you have one).

But if you've firewall software running on the local machines in your internal network (e.g. Windows firewall), you have to free ports 7612 and 7613 for ComicRack on the machines you want to use as server or clients. Otherwise, network sharing will not work.

In all other aspects the sharing feature is zero setup, as ComicRacks on different machines find each other automatically (like the bonjour service ITunes uses).


How to write ComicRack scripts

ComicRack has built in Python scripting support. This article gives a short introduction on how to write scripts.

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