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This article tries to answer the most common questions about ComicRack.


What are CBR/CBZ/CB7 files?

RAR/ZIP /7z files containing JPG, BMP, PNG, or GIF files with the extension changed to CBR/CBZ/CB7 respectively


I've moved my comics and all my extra information I've added is gone. What happened?

You probably moved the file to a non-NTFS file system (ie, CD, thumbdrive, floppy(?), FAT drive). This is because of the nature of the method that the information is stored. See Next item.


I get a dialog box when I copy my comics manually that is titled "Confirm Stream Loss". What should I do?

Depends. This is the operating systems way of telling you that the database portion of the file will not follow the file(See "Where is the information for each file stored?"). If the data hasn't been saved into the file or updated into the file, you will not have the catalog information follow the file.


Where is the information for each file stored?

Normally ComicRack writes the data into a secondary stream to the file (this works only in NTFS) and additionally directly into the eComic file for CBZ/CB7 files.


Why can't I Save As... to a CBR?

ZIP/7z are freely available formats while RAR is owned by RarLabs. They have released the unRAR capabilities but not the RAR. That would cost money. This is freeware we are talking about.


If I Save As.. or Export to a PDF will I have the catalog information embedded?

Sorry, no.


Is there a built in way of looking up my comics in an online database?

Not yet, but it's coming...probably.


Can I script looking up my comic, renaming, and adding the data from online databases?

Already been done. Check the ComicRack forums.


Can I have the source code?

No. Maybe someday.


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