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TOPIC: Forum bug

Forum bug 10 years 11 months ago #272


I placed this here for no idea of where else it could be placed:

When you follow the link \"User Forum\" of the upper main menu of this site, you go to the \"home\" page of the forum. Obvious. :)

At the \"User Forum\" home, the \"Recent Posts\" is buggy: We have two pages and, by default, the first page is shown. At least with me, when I click \"2\", the list changes correctly. But then, clicking \"1\" doesn't take me back to the \"first page\". Actually, clicking \"1\" does nothing.

And more: closing the browser and opening again isn't enough. I get stuck until don't know when (cookie/session expiration or new forum post).

If this can help: the link shown at the status bar for \"1\" and \"2\" are both the same: \"javascript:void(null);\".
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