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TOPIC: CR .158-172: Comic Rack crashes & the Red X... (Loading new books/pages?)

CR .158-172: Comic Rack crashes & the Red X... (Loading new books/pages?) 4 years 2 months ago #40776

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I have the crashing issue as well. It happens when I double-click on an item to open/read it. CR 0.9.175. It's been happening for a long time. I always assumed it had something to do with a script that I run on the previous item immediately prior to double-clicking the next item. The script is very simple, it just adds some text to the "tags" field that I use to manually mark items as read. It happens quite frequently. For example I just read 6 issues and had three crashes in that time.

Just to clarify on the exact steps I take when the crash occurs... I double click a file in the library list and read the issue, press Ctrl+X to close it and return to the library, click a toolbar button to run the script that adds a "read" tag to that file, double-click the next file and CR crashes immediately. The reason I originally thought it had something to do with the script was because the next time I launch CR, that tag is missing even though it did appear when I clicked the button before the crash. So CR crashes before it had the chance to write to the DB file, but apparently after the script has successfully executed and unloaded. Since it does not occur on *every* item double-click, it's kind of hard to experiment with and see if I can narrow down the conditions.

I looked everywhere to find options for enabling some sort of debug log that I could examine before I bothered to post about it but CR doesn't seem to have this ability, except for the script output window which is useless in this instance because the output is unreadable after the application crashes and there is no accompanying file log.

It would be extremely helpful if CR had some kind of debug log file to narrow this down. Even if the log doesn't immediately point directly at the cause, it could still narrow down the portion of code responsible, and further debug lines in that code could pinpoint the exact issue.
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