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TOPIC: Language Bug?

Language Bug? 4 years 10 months ago #36344

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I am from Argentina, and so my mother tongue is Spanish, I however prefer to have comicrack in English. (I have always used it that way, and all my comics are organized using that language)

The problem was that when I reinstalled it in windows 8, it was installed in Spanish. I didn't realised it at first (I was busy reinstalling many programs), but when I realised, I went to options and change it to English, which, of course, worked perfectly.

However after I did that, all my comics that were tagged as English in Language were now taggged as "Inglés" ("English" in Spanish). Which ruined many of my smartlist which have the search value "language=Englsh". At first I thought perhaps it was because comicrack in Spanish has changed the value... but even now, working in English, comicrack still shows "Inglés" as the language option (I tried to change it), and not "English"

If I understood correctly, languages in comicrack are values with specific IDs, and the "names" of the language change with the program language (which means, this value doesn't depend in the program language selection, it only change the name of the language you see). So I don't understand why even now, after changing the program to English it still show language names in Spanish (or at least English language name).

This has happened to me some months ago, but it fixed itself after some restarts... but this time it seems it won't.

I have changed my smartlist changing "English" to "Ingles" and now it works ok... but I just don't like mixing languaged like that.

ps: ok, this was a little hard to explain... between my horrible use of the Enlgish language and all that "English" references to "English" word XD

To make the long story short, even after changing comicrack language to Enlgish, the comic language value English still shows (in the comics, and in the options to choose from) as Inglés.
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Re: Language Bug? 4 years 6 months ago #37774

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I believe CR takes the system language title as parameter and use it and that is why you get a result like that. I don't know how to fix this ):
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