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TOPIC: Scrolling on large images.

Scrolling on large images. 5 years 2 weeks ago #36528

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Auto scrolling is not working well on very large images.

Test 1 -- Standard page size.

Enabling Auto Scrolling causes a single scroll attempt (one notch on the mouse wheel, or one press of an arrow key) to scroll one visible screen height. Image is set to original size, and most of it is hidden with the library open, so the effect is easy to see. It takes approximately 1 second to complete the scroll, making it easy to follow the moving image.

Disabling Auto Scrolling causes a single scroll attempt to move approximately one inch -- perhaps 1/4 of visible screen height -- in about a quarter second.

Test 2 -- Extremely tall page size (image is one segment of an extremely long, continuous comic). The smallest I found for simple testing was 690x6610 (6610 pixels tall), and it still exhibited the effect.

With Auto Scrolling enabled, a single scroll attempt moves the image one screen height in about a quarter second. Since the jump is so abrupt (using the quarter-second duration instead of the one second duration), it's difficult to keep an eye on things as they scroll past.

Since there is no direct relation between screen height and the content and text on the image, it regularly chops off speech bubbles or parts of the imagery. The only way to adjust things to see the image properly is to left-click and drag the image up or down, but that's annoying to do when the issue can occur several times per page. More so when it occurs at the very top or bottom of an image slice since it can then immediately jump to the next image without allowing you to see the edge of the previous image.

With Auto Scrolling disabled, it actually scrolls -more- than one screen height per scroll attempt, allowing it to fully skip past parts of the comic, such as occasional speech bubbles.

Using version 0.9.172 on Win 7 64 bit.

Sample long-scroll comic was Kubera. Can grab with MangaRack from Batoto, or just copy a couple of the individual images into a zip file.
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