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TOPIC: ComicRack acting Bizarre (repost from Help section)

ComicRack acting Bizarre (repost from Help section) 4 years 7 months ago #39054

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Hey, I'm moving this post yet again, this time from the Help section, in hopes of getting some. :)

Please help if possible. CYO? Anybody? lol

I began building my library yesterday and imported all 45000 books. It took a long time but I was happy afterwards.
Then today I started having problems with the red close button and the tray function. Now, if I close CR using the red close button, it goes to system icons in the tray and is not usable; I cannot double or single click it and get it to do anything. It is stuck sitting there. My only option is to ctrl alt delete and close the program.
If I just minimize the program to the regular tray it will come back on screen as usual but I can no longer add any more books. I can only have one book open during this session. Again, I cannot close the program to tray using the red close button. I am forced to use the menu to exit the program.
If I am in a folder in Windows and double click on a cbr file, now nothing happens. The program will only open books using the menu inside the program.
I have deleted the program more than 5 times and re-installed. I have deleted the entire cyo folder from app data as well. The first 2 times when I returned to a fresh install, my library was still present (I thought those files were inside the cyo folder and that deleting it would delete them....not so apparently)I had to manually delete my library, folder by folder from within the program in order for it to not show up the next installation (I thought maybe the library itself had caused my issues and wanted to be sure by deleting it.....again, not so apparently)
Now, finally, there appears to be 2 installations going (or something similar)because when I minimize the program now, if I start another cbr file, it starts an entirely new CR. I have 2 CR icons in my tray, with one book in one and another in the other.

What is going on? This wonderful program has completely turned on me. What does it sound like is happening? I cannot read my books like this and I am afraid to rebuild my library again. Please help.I am using Windows 7 64 bit on a Dell Workstation with 8gb memory.
Thx in advance

I forgot to mention that if I close one of those CR using the exit feature thee other one is still open and usable. I have not changed any of the behaviors in preferences at this point; everything should be vanilla by this point.
Is there another file section where past installation history is kept and that might be conflicting with thee current one? I thought that there were only 2 places for CR files; in Program Files (ComicRack folder) and in App Data (cyo folder).

Edit #2:
I have discovered that the close button does indeed work. The issue I am having (at least one of them) appears to be that I use ObjectDock as my tray. This hides the regular tray and if I want to see system icons (where the CR icon is kept...right side of tray)I would normally choose to see
them from a drop down window. The CR tray icon (as I mentioned) is not usable from within ObjectDock's structure (compatability?). If I turn off ObjectDock completely, I see the normal area (right side) where the system icons are kept. The CR icon is there and double-clicking it returns it to screen.
The problem is that I have my entire computer organized with this great program (ObjectDock) and cannot operate without it. Is there some way to integrate these 2 programs in a way so that when the red close button is selected it will go to the normal area of icons in ObjectDock's tray instead of to the system area?

And for SURE, this issue only JUST started happening. I have been using CR and ObjectDock together with zero issues for a long time. I am not sure that this IS a compatability issue. I think there is a conflict with the program itself and the settings/history involved with the library/re-

Ok, now when I have one of the CR readers on screen (in smaller window...maybe a quarter of my screen size) if I click on a new cbr file in Windows, it opens a new CR window as if it is the first ttime I'm using the program. I get the help page with the little tiny annoying window (with the magnifying strip on it) and I get the startup news window, even though I marked aall topics as read and selected the box to NOT show it every time.
This is some weird stuff going on. Something is being left over somewhere on the computer, some kind of setting that is interfering with the new installation working correctly. Again, no settings have been changed in preferences; they are vanilla.


I found this post. It is the closest thing to what I am experiencing. Poster didn't report back as to if they got this resolved or not. I'm not even sure when this was from or from what build it was.
Anyway, here it is.... Thx again.
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ComicRack acting Bizarre (repost from Help section) 4 years 7 months ago #39069

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Is this what you're referring to?

If you uncheck both of these options, ComicRack will close on close and minimize to the taskbar on minimize instead of going to the tray.

When deleting your library, make sure you are in AppData/Roaming as opposed to AppData/Local. Or clear out both if you are still getting left-over settings after an uninstall.
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