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TOPIC: Two imperative issues.

Two imperative issues. 4 years 3 months ago #40410

Two issues. One; you must provide a means of direct contact to legally trade with most countries within the world. Your country may not have this requirement, but I guarantee you that you are legally obligated to abide by the laws of every country you allow downloads from, and the vast majority will require that you display a business registration, mailing address, phone number, and email address. This is common sense and basic business practice; I strongly suggest you do so as it is a massive piss off having to be forced to sign up, burn an email address putting it at risk of spam, and screw around for a few minutes just to tell someone their product is broken.

Second issue; your product is broken. Clearly before changing or fixing any other bug you should probably google some reviews of your product, near 100% of them point out 'you cannot change the background color of the program' as a major detriment. And trust me, when reading at night it most definitely is. I want a dark charcoal or black background like all other reading-material related applications, your program doesn't offer it. Is there a reason you keep ignoring your userbase who are avidly requesting this, or the critics reviewing your product listing it as it's number one reason not to bother with it? Do you want this product to fail? Is it a tax write off? What gives?
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Two imperative issues. 4 years 3 months ago #40411

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Wow, thanks for providing a clear example of how to make a striking first impression.
I have no part in the development of the software, so I'll not touch that with a ten foot pole.

As far as the background goes, you can change it, simply hit F9 and choose the option.

Also, seen as we're dispensing tips on common sense, allow me to add a couple of my own

1) Being arrogant rarely solves issues.
2) "google" is now an official verb in the Oxford English Dictionary.
3) "Common sense" and "Netiquette" suggest introducing yourself on a forum.
4) RTFM - then, if anything, inquire about a feature (or lack thereof). Then, only then, suggest that it be added. Complaining that something is broken just because it doesn't work the way YOU want doesn't really help your case.
5) Don't feed the trolls
I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!
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