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TOPIC: Conversion issues on 0.9.70

Conversion issues on 0.9.70 10 years 6 months ago #660


I decided to convert a lot of PDF eComics to CBZ format, and found some issues that might have common \"roots\". The issues:

- When you select multiple files, the conversion starts fine, but at some point, the following message is generated and at least one conversion fails. This issues happens only on multi-selected eComics. Even the conversion-failed file get converted later if you select only it.
Object reference undefined for object instance (I don't know if the english error message is exactly this - I installed the PT-BR language pack for .Net, and the error messages are translated)

- Sometimes, the original file isn't deleted (sent to Recycle Bin), and you need to delete it manually.

- Sometimes, the newly generated file thumbnail isn't generated correctly, and the big red and white X image is shown.

- This is not properly a bug, just an unpredicted situation: removable disks don't have Recycle Bin. If you convert a file stored on a USB stick (we call it Pen Drive here in Brazil), the original is deleted. A warning for an extra confirmation if the current disk is removable (and thus doesn't have a Recycle Bin) should be enough.

For the second and third issues, \"timing\" seems to be the real issue. The main application seems to try its refresh before the conversion thread is done.
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