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TOPIC: The most curious bug ever seen: Synaptics pad

The most curious bug ever seen: Synaptics pad 10 years 6 months ago #661


First, setup the testing environment:
Notebook with a working Synaptics Touch Pad (that \"carpet-like\" area below the keyboard most notebooks have to replace the mouse - you use them with your fingertips). Sorry for any redundant description, I just want to make clear what I'm talking about.

Then, config the pad so the right and bottom sides work as scrolling pads (like the mouse wheel of common mice). Some notebooks have this as a separated vertical pad (HP, I think). I don't know how the bug will behave in these models.

Right click any eComic and use the vertical \"scroll\" area of the pad to scroll DOWN. The contents of the menu will SCROLL DOWN! Even more curious: if you scroll UP, the contents DO NOT scroll.

If you need, I can get screen shots and/or photos.

Very very weird.
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