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TOPIC: Standardize Library v2

Standardize Library v2 9 years 8 months ago #2767

This is the same basic script as my previous one (which is still posted), but with a few new frills:
-If the series starts with "The ", it is moved to the end of the filename with a comma ("The Kingdom" becomes "Kingdom, The")
-The string " - " is replaced with ": " and various other characters are tidied up. Most scanners use this format in filenames as ":" is not allowed in filenames (for instance, "X-Men - Noir") when the indica (and sometimes the titling on the cover) is actually "X-Men: Noir". I got sick of cleaning this up manually
-In the case of both (for instance, "The Kingdom - Kid Flash"), the script does some string parsing to properly place the ", The" after the part before the ": " (resulting in "Kingdom, The: Kid Flash")

Don't like this methodology? That's okay, just use my previous script.

Remember to replace the line:
with your base folder (replacing \ with \\, and ending it with \\).

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