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TOPIC: Comic Vine Scraper Request, Multiple Presets

Comic Vine Scraper Request, Multiple Presets 5 years 1 month ago #34798

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Hey guys,

I've notice with most of the current books (0-Days) that the detailed info is not readily available the week of release. Most comics are scraped with the common metadata such as Publisher and Volume, but many times you need to rescrape your books a few weeks later to update the Writer, Artist, Characters, Teams etc.

I am wondering...

Is it possible to build or add a function, similar to the Library Organizer, that allows for multiple presets that store your selected options?

For example, like most users, I've set the Comic Vine Scraper to only pull the specific data that I want. In many cases I will then manually add or alter the metadata (Alternate Series or Story Arc) to suit my preferences and library organization. If, down the road, I choose to rescrape the CBZ because its missing info (Writer, Artist, Character etc.) then I need to manually check the boxes to suit my current needs because CVS will alter my custom/manual entries that do not match the Comic Vine Database (as long as the field would not be left blank during the rescrape). Which is what I do now, no big deal, but then I have to manually reset my CVS options back to my original settings.

I am just thinking, if there was a way to have multiple user presets, so that if you only wanted to rescrape for the "writer" field then you could do that with a single mouse click (like the Library Organizer)... rather than an entire preference manipulation. And in doing so, none of the other fields would be altered during the rescrape.

Thanks for any feedback.

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Re: Comic Vine Scraper Request, Multiple Presets 5 years 1 month ago #34799

  • forkicks
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I solve this particular problem (rescraping files after some time) by having a smart list for books added one month ago, then i go in and scrape them all. It's pretty fast because all the files are already scraped, so it's autopilot all the way.

I know this isn't exactly what you asked (multiple profiles) but it's how i worked it out on my end.

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Re: Comic Vine Scraper Request, Multiple Presets 5 years 1 month ago #34806

  • cbanack
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There are two ways to deal with this that I can think of:

1) Wait a a week or two before initially scraping your comics, so that all of the available data is already there. Don't do your personal edits/updates to those comics until after they have been "properly" scraped.

2) If you go into your scraper profile directory, there is a file called "settings.dat" that contains your settings. You can start the scraper, make your "configuration", close the scraper, then save a copy of settings.dat somewhere. Repeat for as many configurations as you like. After that, you just have to copy whatever "settings.dat" file you want into that directory BEFORE you start the scraper. You could even write a .bat file to do it automatically.

#2 is kind of clunky, but if you change a lot of settings, it *might* save you some time. #1 would be a lot easier, though.
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