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TOPIC: [Script] First X in each Y - Smartlist Script (Ver 0.5 Beta)

[Script] First X in each Y - Smartlist Script (Ver 0.5 Beta) 3 months 1 day ago #48300

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I was totally sure I have uploaded this script to the forum, but as I haven't find it anywhere I will create a new topic (if I have post it before, please tell me)

This script is another script I made some time ago to deal with comics inside stacks or groups (the other one being the new "Expand by" script I recently posted)

This one is more centered in quantities and sorting.

The idea of this script are for this kind of situations:

Example1: I want the last comic of each Volume
Example2: I want the first 2 comics of the year
Example3: I want tto now the last number of many Series
Example4: I want to know which series has more than 10 comics

For this I created this tool.

What it does is simple, it first group comics by Y attribute/s (all comics that, for example Series and Volume are the same)
Once the groups are made, they are ordered by X attribute/s (for example by number)
Finally it count the first or last n comics of each group, according to the sorting

For example: "First Number in each Series"

How to use the script:

In X put the attribute or attributes by which you want to order them (number, title, date, etc)
- You can use "|" for more than one criteria, for example Year!Month will sort first by Year, and inside each Year by month
- You can put "-" right before the name of the attribute for inverse sorting, turning First comcs into Last comics
- You can put "+" symbols before the attribute to add one comic more (first is default , ++ is first 2, +++ is first 3, etc)
- You can put "." symbols before the attribute to add an ignore comic to the added ones (+.+ is for example the first and third, not the second)
- You can combine the above attributes in any order you want, but "+" s and "."s are before the "-"

In Y put the attribute or attributes by which you want to separate the comics (Series, Volume, Year, etc)
- You can use "|" for more than one criteria (for example for volumes of a series use Series|Volume)
- You can use "!" before the attribute to make the comparision made into "similar" instead of "equal"


1- You want first number of each volumes

X = Number
Y = Series|Volume

2- You want last published comic of each series

X= -Year|Month|Day
Y= Series

3- You want first two numbers of each year

X= ++Number
Y= Year

4- You want first and third number of each Series Group in each Imprint

X= +.+Number
Y= SeriesGroup|Imprint

5- You want the last and the 2 number before that of each comic with similar Imprint (ignore Capitals for example)

X= +.+-Number
Y= !Imprint

6- You want to know which Volumes reaches 10 comics

X= .........+Number
Y= Series|Volume

note: You can then use "Expand by" script to show complete volumes instead of only the tenth comic

and you get the idea XD

V0.5 Beta

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0.1 First version, it seems to work :)
0.2 A lot of changes of how the script works, fixed cases in which X and Y are empty, added up to 4 posible ordering values, added Number as default secondary Xs, now you can add +s with no X, many bugs fixed, performance improved
0.3 Added "-" symbol for changing from "first" values to "last" values and virtually infinite posible ordering values
0.4 Fixed order in values starting with numbers
0.5 Added "." symbol to "jump" values
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